AC timing issue

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    But that's a digital timer on an analog AC unit. He is talking about a digital AC unit. Regardless of the timer, analog or digital, it can't restart a digital AC. That is unless it has a finger to push the power button. That technology my be coming in the future, but just not today!

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    I did take apart the front face cover and threw in a new strip of adhesive sealtape stuff I keep for my doors, put it all around the edges of anywhere that looked "leaky"

    After I installed it, I took a can of "great stuff" and went around the front and back of the unit, cant see a speck of light thru it so im hoping its sealed pretty good

    But besides that, I keep the vent in the closed position and it runs 24/7, atleast the fan does and only cools when its lights on and the temp rises to make it engage to ON

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