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Discussion in 'Outdoor Cultivation' started by greenjah, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    I am thinking of switching to advanced nutrients to increase my quality and am wondering if anyone here uses it?

    Basically i need to know how it is with calcium and magnesium?

    My water is low in them so with general hydro I add calmag but don't know if advanced is also low on it.

    Also i am wondering about the schedule, it has the same amount of grow micro and bloom through the whole grow.

    Is it just the additives that give it the difference it needs, even at just the hobby growing level schedule it has a couple additives.

    One more thing, just wondering your thoughts on this, does advanced actually give a better end product?
  2. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    I have used the advanced nutrients for 6 years. I use the sensigrow/sensibloom-ph perfect. I grow in promix too. I run 2 4x4 tables with a 1000k HPS for each one. As to the Cal/ Mag. I use one tsp a gallon during veg and flower . I am happy with the bud I get and other folks that have tried it say it is really good. I can't speak to how the other nutes compare as I haven't used them. Mrr GJ tried them in his hydro setup and they did not work well for him. I know Creative Gardner has or is using AN as well. Hope this helps.

    Good luck

  3. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    Thanks for the info, the calmag is the main issue. For some reason with the big plants if they get a calcium deficiency most of the plant will never recover completely. (that is if that is actually what my problem has been the last couple years). When i started giving them calmag instead of just epsom salts the problem stopped and lower branches started growing like normal again so i hope that was the issue.

    Do you use full strength according to there feed schedule? Ive been told with the 3 part at least to only use it at a third strength.
  4. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    I just looked up the sensi feed schedule and it is the same, it says 400 ml of A and B through the whole bloom cycle but has a couple additives.

    This just dosnt make sence to me, where is the extra K it needs as it gets later into flower?
  5. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    The K problem has not presented itself to me during flower so something is working right. With those monsters you are growing it could be a different situation. The only additive I use is at the 4-5 week mark I hit them with

    a tbsp of backstrap molasses a gallon to serve as a bloom booster.

    During veg, I am feeding at 3 tsp per gallon of the grow. When they are in flower, I stick with 3 tsp/ gal until the 4 week mark and then up it to 4 tsp/gal. The last feeding before flush, I go to 5 tsp/ gal as a final boost.

    Again, I use calmag plus throughout veg and flower.

    This works for me and I will definitely be watching your grow.

    Kick some ass, greeenjah. I hope it works well for you.
  6. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    Thank you, so just to be sure you only use the grow A and grow B for veg and bloom A and bloom B for flower, no b52 voodo juce, big bud or overdrive?

    And of coarse the calmag and molasses as you said.
  7. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    The K is coming from the molasses. Blackstrap molasses should be in the range of 500mg potassium per tablespoon.

    3 teaspoon = 1 tablespoon.
  8. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    You got it. I have considered bloom boosters in the past but heck, whay mess with success. :)
  9. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Hey quick question, are you running into cal mag issues with general hydro? Cause I have been last two runs, even giving supplemental feedings.

    Wondering if since they sold the company if something changed
  10. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    Been using general for years and yes i have always needed to add calmag or at least epsom salts for mg. but that is because the water itself had calcium in it.

    I always have to use it at the full 5 ml per gal.
  11. mt.king

    mt.king mud drags champion

    Result of advanced


  12. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    Nice. Hope i can get results like that. My first run is OG cookies and is not a high yielder but i will be expanding and doing more in the next year.

    I can now afford all the higher tech stuff so i can keep things optimal with my limmited time after working at the farm.
  13. mt.king

    mt.king mud drags champion

    Master level

    I used the full master grower program I used the connoisseur pH perfect base mixed everything as it said on their feed chart exactly I just looked on the bottle and added what it said 2 mls of everything and 4 mls of the connoisseur base. As long as you run and co2 you can run at that high he comes out depending on what nutrients are called for that level of growth stage any word from 1800 to 2400 parts per million and I never had a problem with burning because I'm running co2 it 1500 ppm
  14. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    Just was doing some reading and thought I should add this to the thread.

    Advanced nutrients says that there feed schedule is the amount you use per week, that is why it is so strong. If you feed every watering then you take there schedule and divide it by how ever many times a week you water.

    This of coarse is if your room conditions are right, for me in the greenhouse I have high humidity and a little on the low side of heat so I only water once a week but I really don't think that means I should go with full strength every watering because the low heat and high humidity slow down growth so they couldn't take full strength every time even though it is only once a week.

    So again I'm sure it is based on having optimal growing conditions.
  15. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    That's interesting. I've never heard that, I wonder if that's why people complain about nutes being to hot.
  16. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    It makes perfect sense for dirt but for hydro it dosnt cause you want a cosistent ppm through the whole week.

    Does anyone know how ppm's with different nutrients works? If i can feed 1200 ppm with general hydroponics should i be trying to have my Advanced nutrients at the same ppm?

    Or any other synthetic nutrients for that matter.
  17. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    I feed at 1200 ppm til about week 5 then up it to 14-1500 before the flush. The schedule on my nutes show that 1200 is not even too close to what they term as '" aggressive feeding " That occurs around 1500 and up.

    That is for sensi bloom and grow ph perfect two part nutes.
  18. greenjah

    greenjah A Fat Sticky Bud

    Thanks, i will go up to 800 ppm next time then and try 1200 if 800 looks good. It is only just over 600 now at a third strength.
  19. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Were they really green up until flush, as in little to no yellowing at all even on the lowers just green green green and super healthy looking? That's what I saw with my round of AN and what the two guys I know who had been running it for years have said too.
  20. mt.king

    mt.king mud drags champion

    I actually have had no problem running Advanced Nutrients at full strength when I run CO2 it's not like mineral salts so therefore even though the PPM there hi there are things like earthworm castings and sugars in there that doesn't burn your plants

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