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Discussion in 'Hash and Oil' started by toshin, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. toshin

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    This one turned out nice considering the source was a bunch of year+ old bags. All sorts of strains, this was my test batch.

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  2. Mrgreengenes

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    What type of alcohol are you using?
  3. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    Starts with cheap 1.75L bottles of popov or other. Basically the cheapest I can find at the grocery store. I then take all the water out and end up with about 500ml of anhydrous ethanol. Extraction is done with everything at -17C to keep any water that may be left in the plants in place.
  4. nippie

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    Why not everclear? 190 proof, its what ive always used
  5. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    Can't get 190 everclear here easily, next best thing is to make it from cheap vodka. Somewhat cheaper to start with box wine but takes longer. After I'm done with it there is no water left, 200 proof.
  6. ComeToMyLife

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    I haven't heard of extracting alcohol before. I am interested right now. All I know is extracting Butane hash oil because I tried it once and I failed. Maybe because I only used a cheap Korean brand butane extractor. I'm gonna search how this alcohol extraction works and maybe try it in the future. Thanks
  7. ResinRubber

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    90% Iso works well and is less hassle. To deal with any chlorophyll leaching into the H2O you can set the rinse solution in sunlight or expose it to UV for a few minutes to oxidize the chlorophyll. No need to be spending time distilling vodka.
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    Yeah, the 90% iso is what I use when I make it. The stuff fucks me up and I don't get much done. I try to make the wash as quick as I can to keep the chlorophyll to a minimum. Thanks for the exposure tip, I didn't know that!!
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