alzheimers and thc

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by Freetommy, Aug 21, 2006.

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  2. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still

    What was I posting about again????....:confused: ..... Oh yeah!........THC gives me temporary Alzheimer's disease. :cool:
  3. NUGZ

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    haha LOL, good on douglas. i agree, i have temporary and spotty alzheimer

    s disease. nugz
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    The main problem I see with these kinds of research projects is the attempt to make marinol the primary form of the medicine.
  5. GeoKitty

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    Yeah!! They should stop trying to alter what the Gods & Goddesses have given us, just enjoy it in it's natural form!
  6. Freetommy

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    lol good point douglas. half the time after i smoke i cant remember how much i just smoked.
  7. Freetommy

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    sorry posted twice
  8. GhostDog

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    weed makes me feel dumb :(

    dumb, but very very happy
  9. Scorpio

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    dont smoke weed with tin foil or cans, it will give you alzheimers in the furture.
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  11. CanadianConnection

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    Studies have not shown strong link with toxins, vitamins, metals or diet, although rabbits fed a high-cholesterol diet in the presence of copper ions in their water did develop amyloid brain lesions and cognitive deficiencies [2], [3]. Likewise, linkage has been found between zinc or copper and reactive oxidative stress contributing to Alzheimer's pathology [4], and the amyloid precursor protein has been shown to alter expression in response to metal supplementation and chelation [5], [6], [7]. Therefore, it is hasty and premature to dismiss any and all environmental effects out of hand. There have been studies that link aluminium to the progression of Alzheimer's, but the results from these studies have not been confirmed and are not widely accepted by Alzheimer's experts.

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