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Discussion in 'Politics' started by TheApprentice, May 4, 2013.

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    (28 minutes ago.BREAKING NEWS!)

    Its about time we got involved.Civilians are just being constantly shelled by tanks or airstrikes.Iv seen undercover footgae whre Syrian familie are living in holes burrowed in the ground in the countryside or hills. If Israel have started it you can be sure USA or UK and allies will have to get involved now beause letting Israel run loose in the middle east will provoke other arab nations.Also there are Russian military advisors on the ground over there so this will cause a reaction of some osrt in the region now.Maybe even a "GAMECHANGER"? After iv been vocal in my suppor for action in Syria,this to me could be good news hearing this today. Its shocking that we invaded Iraq for nothing more than oil but we have allowed Asss to massacre for over a year all his citizens and create a million refugess in neighbouring countries. :2c:

    USA finally ready to arm Syrain rebels along with allies? From 23 hours ago-

  2. teamster6

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    I say send the rebels all the guns they want and let them clean up. We need to stay out of it otherwise let them settle it their selves.

  3. TheApprentice

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    We need to do something,ANTYHING. Arm them at LEAST

    I can understand the sentiment of "we need to stay out of it". The USA and the UK sullied their reputations by entering Iraq.Its tarnished both our countries names and made countries suspicious of our motives for helping some countries and not others. For example,my Dad who is a conservative over here,a rare thing for a Scotman,he assures me the Govt will take action if Syria cross the 'red line' by using chemical weapons on their citizens. But heres what i dont get or what grates on m.Its the fact that only a year ago we were supplying arms to the Libyan rebels,providing boots on the ground S.A.S (unofficially) and we even gave them missile support from Navy ships of Libyas coast line in the med. We created a no fly zone so Gaddafi couldnt bomb his citizens. Now why couldnt we do that for the Syrains:ponder: We did in in Iraq for years before the Iraqui war just gone.Why is it we can provide all that support for Libya and Iraq but yet the situation in Syria is a lot worse than anything ever going on in Libya and Iraq. The asnwer is simple.Libya and Iraq held some of the worlds biggest oil and gas reserves. Also they were both 2 countries along with Cuba and North Korea who are among the only countries in the world where a Rothschild bank isnt in control of the countries economy. Co-incidences?:rolleyes: Conspiracies?:icon_rolleyes:

    Basically Syria offers nothing in the way of a return. We cant just leave them to be brutally murdered day by day and pretend nothing is happening.We invaded Serbia for less acts of genocide than Assad currently attempting. We should have set up no fly zones from the start of this almost 2 years aho.We shoulda provided air and navy support in the region and we should have supplied the rebels with enough weapons so its a fair fight and not guys with old browning sniper guns versus tanks and planes. Yes its not our job to be the world police,but then again it sometimes is.We try to sell democracy hard around the world.We p[reach and sell our "values" and we tell the world to follow us in that regard.But yet we are nations highly civilised that are happy to sand back and watch slaughter and genocide but in the past we have invaded countries for a LOT less. The least we coulda done is armed the rebels and sent in some advisors like the Russians have done for the Syrians. We dont have the appetitie for any more wars granted.But i also dont have the appetite for watching this slaughter on the news every other night.I mean,are you guys getting the same kind of coverage on this as we are in the UK:ponder:

    Because im seeing undercover UK reporters behind enemy lines in Syria and iv seen some pretty horrifying stuff.I certainly cant stomach watching it knowing our countries give millions and millions in Aid to countries who despise us like North Korea or Palestine etc. We give all this aid that costs so much but we cant give out a few guns to let them defend themselves. Maybe we are scared of arming yet another group of rebels who gain power only due to our interference then 10-20 years down the line their country is an enemy of ours or a haven for muslim terrorists that we helped arm.I get that.But still the" here and happening right now" is more urgent and realistic than the "definetely,maybe happening, possibly tomorrow" type scenario. I just think as long as the U.N is the organisation piece of shit that it is,in terms of defence of inncoents. ( I WILL NEVER FORGET THE WAY THEY FLED SARAJEVO AND LEFT EVERY CITIZEN TO THE MERCY OF SNIPERS AND BOMBERS WHO PUT THE WHOLE CITY UNDER SIEGE,A DISGFRACEFUL EPISODE IN THE U.N.'s LIFESPAN:sad4: )

    I always thought Letting Israel set about this situation will cause more problem than it will solve im afraid. They have a right to defend themselves but their presence will only create tensions. Now is the time for intervention of some kind. Give Assad an ultimatum that if he leaves now he will be allowed to seek refuge in a neighbouring middle estern state and live free from prosecution....or if he keeps this war going we promise him that at the first chance he will be extracted from Syria to stand trial for war crimes....if the Syrians dont finish him of first.

    What i find the most sad about this is,there was a period when all the Syrian general were abandoning his posts and deserting the army in support of their country men.We shoulda built on that momentum but instead we adopted a head in the sand ostrich mentality. Heres hoping he Syrains get some peace soon.Its also worth noting that Syria has a HUGE christian population,pprobabaly more so than any other middle eastern arab nation. It amazes me the reasons why we do and dont go to war.If there were the worlds biggest il reserves in Syria we would already have been in and Obama woulda parachuted out of stealh bomber by now with a parachute reading "mission accomplished":wink:
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    Even though it is a different situation from Libya, I am fully surprised there hasn't been a no fly-zone put into place other than for the fact that Syria has massive air defense systems from Russia. Still could be done with a few drones easily with support from the local countries.
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    I'm gonna go out on a limb on this one and get personal. As an American of Middle Eastern decent I feel a little connected. I'm also a Gulf War veteran so don't question my partriotism. There will never be peace in the Middle East. The mindset if different among most Arabs. People of the western world have a lot of empathy. The Arab people have a sense of pride that is extreme to the point that most of us would call the sociopaths. They don't really care what anyone else says, they feel they have the right to do as they please and they will lay their lives down for their country and religion even if they know they're going to be slaughtered. Most kids in the Middle East see more violence and blood shed than other country's adults. I'm a bit high and lippy. Just wanted to get that out.:jj:
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  7. LionLoves420

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    That is a very valid point. Sociology and the regions mores play an important part in these conflicts that most of America will never begin to understand. But the flaw in your statement is it seems you assume things stay the same, and they do not. As the world opens up, each generation will become more and more liberal (little "l", not liberal as in Democrats). Some will do it on their own, and some will have a little help (usually through us bombing something). Some work out within twenty years, other countries take hundreds.

    But just because a society is a certain way does not justify Assad's actions. It may justify some of his boots on the grounds mindsets, but not the general war.
  8. teamster6

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    Its gonna take a hell of a lot of years for something like that to change. They have been fighting for 100's of years its a way of life over there it seems. I dont see it happening in my lifetime and I doubt you will see it in yours.

  9. rasganjah

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    They have been fighting for thousands of years in the Middle East, not hundreds. The land there has been a source of conflict since before Christ. I have a feeling it will continue to be a source of conflict for many many more.
  10. LionLoves420

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    So did most of Europe for almost a thousand years. And hell, the west started a lot of this fighting in the early colonial times, not to mention shit like the crusades even earlier.... Anything before and during the Roman empire was all fighting between Europe and what is now the Middle East and surrounding areas in Africa.
  11. LionLoves420

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    Even though I can see nothing changing in my life time as a truth, the rate of information exchange is what accelerates societal growth into whatever is considered "Modern" at the time. It happened when the written language was created, the printing press was invented, the better presses in the 1700s, telegraphs, phones, cell phones, the internet, and now the expense of the internet into the everyday lives of even the poorest of countries.
  12. ResinRubber

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    And the Arab League is............? Oh yeah, they're "monitoring" while condemning Israel. The West and it's representatives are not wanted there, our values don't currently equate and the local regional players are antagonistic to any intervention by the West. It's a no win situation no matter what any western associated country does.
  13. TheApprentice

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    May not be wanted there Res but we have to make a stand.We got the power so need to show the responsibility. ABC just announced/confimred that USA and Europe have concluded that Syria HAVE used chemical weapons. Be interesting to see if Obamas red line still stands now:ponder:

    Bearing in mind that Russia are now thought to have "TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TROOPS ON THE GROUND" in Syria. Theres even talk in respected media about this sparking a new cold war.Bit overstated but still significant. Game on yet or do we insist on letting the last of the rebels be chemically bombed? So everytine theres genocide we justify by saying "their muslim extremists" and if they come to power they could harm us? But they WILL come to power sooner or later anyways,only difference is when they do come to power they wont forget how the "civilised" world watched with popcorn as they were gassed and shelled out their homes while there woman were raped and their kids massacred.Food for thought:passit:
  14. ResinRubber

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    Starting to look like a choice of which intolerant Islamic faction do we want to support? No matter who wins the West loses, IMHO. Support Assad and we ensure more butchery. Support the rebels and we get yet another intolerant Islamic regime with access to wealth and weaponry. A Faustian bargain if ever there was one.
  15. Psycho D


    Hey! I got an idea... Why not throw Hezbollah in there too? Sheesh. Smooth move Iran. I guess we won't piss you off more when we start blowing up your guys.....

    Syria-ously though, they f**ked up when they started using Sarin. I don't even think Russia would want anything to do with them now. Basically, it's them, backed by Iran/Palestine against the rest of the world. Bad news for them, the civilians, and one other thing the US can't afford.
  16. TheApprentice

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    What blows my mind Psycho is the fact that the UK Govt started selling sarin gas to Syria AFTER all this shit kicked off. Kinda lie a cop loading a drunks gun in a dispute then when he fires it the cop shoots him dead for endangering life,makes no sense to me:bduh:

    Our parliament has voted against going in with USA on this,after Iraq i get the cold feet syndrome.... but still. Irans who we really need to be attacking but Syria gives a good foothold,the beachhead kinda thing. If theres a binding thing that says nations cant be using sarin gas on their unarmed citizens then we are obliged to back up our shit. Otherwise its setting a dangerous precedent. Next time North Korea or somewhere does it we cant justify attacking them if we let Syria be. Its a shame Syria doesnt have more natural resources.... or we woulda been in there months ago:sad4:
  17. Stash2.0

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    the quicker they all kill each other the quicker it will end.
  18. LionLoves420

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    Xenophobia is fun.
  19. nippie

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    Bomb 'em because they used gas, but only so much. You have to do something because of the gas, but this aint our fight. Lose-lose situation.

    Fuck 'em, let them destroy their own country and when/if the rebels win with the backing of Al-Fucknuts, them send in another tomahawk.

    If Assad wins, biz as usual. Obama didn't think this all:passsit:
  20. Discorilla

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    Just another excuse for the Middle East to continue to hate the US. We interject ourselves into way too much, and wonder why everyone hates us.

    Also, Israel has been chucking bombs at Syria for a couple months now. I find it funny that we are now trying to intervene, when Israel knew about all this a long time ago. They should have asked for help, before pissing off the wrong people.

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