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Discussion in 'Outdoor Cultivation' started by lp18t, May 27, 2006.

  1. lp18t

    lp18t Germinated

    ok so i greminated a few seeds with the paper towel method and i planted them in a pot behind my house and they have sprouted pretty nicely. so now i intend on taking them to the woods near my house and putting them in the soil there. i know that that might be somewhat of a shock for them to be transplanted that much which is why im germinating a few more seeds now which im gonna put in the ground and let them grow.

    so my first question is, is it too late to start growing?? (i started on time but i had some problems with that)

    any suggestions about planting them in the woods?

    since im gonna let nature take care of them, should i go visit often and supply them with anything?

    its my first time grow and i know im not gonna get some amazing herb but i want to do a fairly good job on it

    i would appreciate any info on what to do next and later down the road and about what i did so far
  2. lp18t

    lp18t Germinated

    i also failed to mention that im in pennsylvania, philadelphia region...good weather conditions?
  3. outdoor love

    outdoor love Begun Flowering

    go to a feed ad seed store or whatnot,and buy some ferts to put in ur soil outside. ill give u the ferts below, put this in atleast a 16 quart bag of garden soil, maybe more if u have alot of plants. if u can get some dry cow shit from a farm, mix ur soil about 60/40 soil to shit and then add ur ferts. this is what i do so i wont need so much blood meal(which causes bug probs). if u cant find shit just add full dose of blood m. but if u can cut the bm by half. and it may take some time to find a shop that carries all these products, but u will find them, and it will be well worth ur troubles i promise. look in the phone book. in 16qrts mixed 60/40 with dry crumbled shit, add 5pound of bone meal, 2 pound of blood meal, and 3 pound of potash. once all this is mixed well, mix that about 60/40 with perlite. potash is important for outdoor grow,and remember to dig a bid hole to put ur soil in. A BIG HOLE. after u put this in ur soil, do not fert with miracle grow or anything, ull burn them probly, just water them with clean water or rain, this will grow some very respectfull outdoor. good luck
  4. Jibberish_Man

    Jibberish_Man Begun Flowering

    Check out the FAQ and some grow guides. A little knowledge goes a long way.
  5. lp18t

    lp18t Germinated

    ok ill try looking for all of that, but by the sound of everything i need im guessing that the existing soil, miracle grow gardening soil, and some fertilizer wont be sufficient enough??
  6. outdoor love

    outdoor love Begun Flowering

    its not as hard as some people maybe even me try to make it sound. it takes a long time, but u just have to try all kinds of differant stuff, to learn what works best for u.

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