Any North Cal. Outdoor Growers?

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by Graperoom, May 20, 2012.

  1. Graperoom

    Graperoom Germinating

    Hey peeps! I live north cal.

    And i was wondering if it is possible to grow outdoor during an "off" season? like winter to spring? Dec. to Mar.? Can it be done? has anyone done it and been successful? is there any certain strains that do best for that season? Any help will be appreciated. Thanx
  2. SteelCity Smoker

    SteelCity Smoker To Be Continued

    You can grow all year in a greenhouse with supplemental lighting. Short of that not really since the natural light cycles won't be in your favor unless you were bringing clones out of a closet or something. The winter light is closest to 12-12 or in dec. close to the winter solstice it's only 8 hours of sun 16 dark. I'm not sure about the temp issue but I don't see a young plant thriving in minimal light and getting close to freezing at night... Steel
  3. rasganjah

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    Here's the deal. Anything you put outside during those months will immediately begin to flower due to the short days. Now the other factor to be considered is the temperatures. If the temps get down too cold, the plants will be killed. They can't tolerate frost. I'd say anything below 40 degrees and you risk them being damaged or at the very least overly stressed. Also amount of rain and moisture during the winter months could potentially be a problem.

    If your temps are warm enough during the winter outdoors (doubtful in NorCal) then you could conceivably flower some plants outdoors during the winter months, however they would either be very small if grown from seed, or they would need to be vegged indoors to a size appropriate for outdoors. OR, you could go with Autoflowering plants. I recently grew some autos that are very good smoke. They were from Sweet Seeds and the strains were Fast Bud and Speed Devil #2.

    Of course with the shorter days and being further from the sun during winter you would want full sun all day to maximize your potential yields.

    Another alternative for an outdoor winter grow if your temps are too cold would be to construct an inexpensive green house.

  4. Graperoom

    Graperoom Germinating

    thank you both. you guys gave me some helpfull info............each one, teach one. Puff puff Pass

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