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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by strawberry.cough, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. strawberry.cough

    strawberry.cough looking into the abyss

    Hello boys and girls,

    I am looking for suggestions on strains to grow for those of us with defects of character (hehehehe sorry, but that sounds better than what the DSM-VI R has to say about me and my :confused: better half) Specifically, looking for those that have low munchie but have an up effect, and works on anxiety. Also any that might be more effective with glaucoma. I have done a bunch of reading, but wondered if there were any of you with personal experience with specific varieties.


  2. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Do you have a medical in your state?

    If you do then hit the clubs.

    I don't have an update..

    Maybe Indi does!
  3. strawberry.cough

    strawberry.cough looking into the abyss

    Yeah there is medical in my state, but nothing organized. You have to either grow it or buy it off the street. Was just hoping maybe some folks might have suggestions. It's going to be spring soon, and a girls thoughts turn to gardening. :)

  4. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Its all in the NAME...

    The answer your looking for is in your user name my friend:wink:Iv read that it has positive medical effects and also recently i watched a film called 'children of men' with clive owen and micheal caine set in london 2027(great UK film!),anyways the guy who was an old hippy dude had a wife who was real ill,etc and all he grew was mass amounts of strawberry cough for her for medical reasons,plus he lked a good stone aswell:wink:Peace:pimp:
  5. strawberry.cough

    strawberry.cough looking into the abyss

    amazed at the number of varieties

    I am really having a grand time looking at all the varieties available. I feel like a little kid in a candy shoppe. fruits and candies and and and crosses and wow my mind just spins at all the possiblities.

    I think the cough is probably the only one I have seen that is specifically mentioned for anxiety. Now if only I could find a variety that dialates the arteries into the kidneys and lowers occular pressure. It was my diabetes doc that suggested I start smoking weed, that after 15 years of wishing I didn't have to be a responsible adult. There are studies that show marijuana lowers the arterial pressure into the kidneys for folks with hypertension and diabetes. Got to love these progressive docs.

    thanks, berry
  6. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Sad to say I picked up some seeds at Berkely about 6 years ago.

    Bred them got the F1 generation of new seeds andbeen growing off them ever since.

    I have a strain that is called Glad. Works a a mood lifter when mixed with Rainbow.

    Funny but yes mixing seems to bring out that effect and not so much by itself AFAICT

    The tragic reality is that the Supreme Court left us with no legal way to research strains so what we have mostly is what the clubs have on hand and what can be had from seed vendors.

    We have no seed bank and no formal database.. Places like GrowKind help but again we are stopped at the point of doing useful research.

    I remember Ladies like Kali Mist...

    And I sure wish I remembers what another woman said...

    I have what most will call Mild strains. Some euphoria but not mind bending like some can be.

    My goal this season is to grow the most Delicious I can. Something that pleases the senses and the mind.

    I find that I toke now once a week sort of a preventive maintenance thing.

    Once in a while I am in need of a break! Sometimes I get strung out on stress and can't kick it. It builds to anxiety and my behavior cycles into the odd.

    If I catch myself soon I can cycle out of it but often I fail to see the signs for a while.

    Was a time tho that I needed it more often and how...

    I know I will not discontinue of my own will.

    Hell who want to take Prozac?

    I wonder if the clubs could tell what strains people like for what conditions.

    If you explain they may be able to say whet people like rather then what "bud x" is good for and so on.

    I found that for anxiety having the same bud works better then strain hopping.

    Nothing worse then smoking something that causes a spin... And some can...
  7. llIndigoll

    llIndigoll Medical Grower

    Ever tried ingesting small amounts?

    Sometimes eating MJ helps to counter anxiety, but not if you overdose...that can be really bad. All things in moderation.

    Smoking MJ causes chemical reactions that vary between individuals. It is hard to say what strain would be the best, and in most cases a combination is the ideal 'prescription'.
  8. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Hey Indi.. Wondered when we would see you.

    Any suggestions for SC?
  9. strawberry.cough

    strawberry.cough looking into the abyss

    I don't know I have read about so many varieties of weed my head is spinning. :icon_confused:

    Eating weed really won't get it done. That is part of the problem, I was born with screwed up intestines, I don't digest the weed, just goes right on through. I had surgery in 2000 that left a 12" 57 staple scar up my gut. My doc told me it was ok for me to play semi pro football and I took a knee to my gut and that undid the corrective surgery. After seeing many gastro specialists, it is pretty clear that it can't be repaired. On the bright side, when I get a gas bubble caught, it looks like sigourney weaver in aliens when the head was about to pop out her gut. Now that is a real party stopper. :laughing5: That is why I would really like to find a variety that has low munchie levels. I just can't afford to eat unless it is scheduled, and sugar, fat, refined, you know the good stuff is never allowed, and it is a bore to have the munchies with plain yogurt.

    Now, I made brownies years ago, and my big old dalmatian bruce got the pan while I was out, and there was half of it left. When I got home he was walking like he was on the rolling deck of a ship, and he acted as if his old hips were young again. I am glad dalmatians can eat chocolate or I would have had some 'splaining to do at the vets.

    Anyone have any luck with vaporizers? I have tried them but nothing, zip, nada, nyet, nary a buzz. I look at them, but for that price, I want to know for sure it will work. I would like to find something easier on my lungs because I have hypertension and copd. My lungs are really "wet" from the meds for my bp.

    geez sometimes I feel like I am just a mess. I can't count all the orthopedic surgeries I have had. My doc says my right shoulder is held together with bubble gum, chicken wire, and a rivet. I think he just said that because I asked him if I could play ice hockey, or participate in extreme ice skating.:sad10:
  10. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    I suggest you consult with the DR.

    It sounds complex and our attempt to be helpful isn't a replacement for the Dr's opinion on adding MJ.

    As for the Vape q: I hear it's a different experience. I have not done so but I will one day.

    If your Dr is cool I thing early harvested Sativa with a bit of Indica blend prolly would do some good.

    If that doesn't help the maybe a heavy couch lock type.

    You may find that a blend is what works.

    Again I do suggest using the same strains rather then strain hop.

    I had some bad experiences trying this and that when I take my strains regular.
  11. HappyHappyHighGuy

    HappyHappyHighGuy dreamer and misfit


    Damn dude I don't know how you do it. I've been toking nearly every day since my first toke 18 years ago.
  12. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Use to be a lot more often.

    Don't know guess I'm doing better?

    That's a good thing to say...
  13. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~

    Hi Berry :wave:

    Well I agree with what everyone said about it depends on how YOU react to differ strain's. My father also has diabete's and a heart condition.....he has had good and bad reaction's as we all do to differ strain's. Right now he has had success with the "mindboggle" he grew this past summer...seems to lower his BP and he also liked the Choco Chunk I had grown in the past. Now... WW made him more anxious for some reason when he tried that strain. It really comes down to trial and error and what you respond to best. Also like Randy and Indi pointed out...I would consult with your doctor as well. It is not legal to grow here but MY father's cardiologist and family doc both know he smokes and they are cool with it as it has most definitely helped him. He has been smoking omg for like forever so he knows which strains are good for him and which are of NO use or that cause him more problems. When his frds have a new strain they grow...they usually will give him some to try so he can sample to see if it helps. He gives them some of what he grows and it is a nice barter they all have going Do ya have any frds that you trust there who grow?? That is what it is all about IMO.....ppl joining together to help out one another. Nice when you have frds that grow and you can all trade to see which works for you. He has many health problems ...especially arthritis and a bad back ON TOP of his heart which I worry over him all the time. Poor man has had heart attack's and has had open heart surgery since he was 42>>not he is now a HIGH risk and they can no longer operate on his heart since the recent stroke. Not even that old...he is only 66:(

    Anywhos...some strain's he smokes for pain relief and other's to help with his blood pressure/heart or when he feels anxious. As Randy pointed out>>Who the hell wants to be on Prozac? Especially when MJ is such a good resource for anxiety when you have the right kind for YOU.

    As for your so sorry girl. :( Ever try GingerRoot or Papaya?? Does help with gastro issues.... ;) My lil one has reflux and has to take Previcid...she was was dx'ed with that condition at age 1. She also has epilepsy and when she gets older>>>I want her to try eating brownies or cookies with weed as even her neurologist has had epilepsy since he was a young boy. He has had MUCH success with digesting it for controlling his seizure's and is now off all med's. Hopefully when she is all done puberty and the hormone her late teen's I will be able to introduce her to weed as an alternative if it works. The meds she is on now are so harmful to her major organ's and she has to have monthly blood work to keep an eye on her kidneys and liver. She had kidney stones at age 10 due to a seizure medication.....really sucks but right now she has to take them or she would be having grand mal's daily. Hopefully she will outgrow her juvenile epilepsy but being she took a nasty fall during one seizure she got a concussion which left scar tissue on her right temporal lobe. Doctor's say that could thin out as she gets older...hopefully it does so she may be seizure free one day. I think possitive and so does she. Like I told her>>all your intelligent mofo's had epilepsy...she has an IQ of 152 and it is funny how they have found out that most who suffer from it are extremly intelligent and gifted in writing or art. Aristotle was apparently the first to connect epilepsy and genius. . Alexander the Great, Vincent van Gogh, Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Julius Caesar , Plato, Thomas Edison & Albert Einstein all had epilepsy. Once she read all about the famous ppl who were of great intelligence and gifted who also had her condition....she didn't feel as sad. ;)

    Good luck to ya girly on finding one that works...positive vibes to you!

    peace~Mermaid :animbong:
  14. strawberry.cough

    strawberry.cough looking into the abyss

    doctor hahahahaa

    well now I am just a happy girl. :eusa_dance: all the plants are over into the flowering chamber and....I have 8 more germinating most of which are sprouted. I had to do a lot of fancy knot tying and I managed to get them all in and all well within the limits of the closets height, after I brought in the scissors. I will be interested to see to total yield. I am keeping track of costs so I can average them dollar per ounce. Gonna be pricey the first time round.

    I think we will probably just play sample a few interesting varieties and see how it feels and all of that. We live in a very small area so I doubt we have had anything terribly exciting in the last 5 years. There was some blueberry around and that was good. I grew some hawaiian a few years back from seeds a friend gave me from the big island. Other wise it is commercial mexican I am sure.

    There is no way the cardiologist would ok weed. He rides a bicycle from his house to the hospital some 12.5 miles everyday. He has taken a break this winter because of cold and ice. he is hell on smoking, anything. Personally, I think he is at higher risk because he uses the bike lane, hehehe, but he is a straight laced no nonsense kind of guy. Good, very good.

    Now on the other side is the pulmonary doc how is equally straight laced. He knows I smoke will not endorse it, but he is pretty happy that marijuana is all I have smoked. He also gets that I have other things going on that causes the lung disease(s) I have.

    I have probably have some of the best health care available. Just not terribly open-minded. Now the endocrinologist gynocologist, and the psychiatrist are on board for the medical marijuana. My optimologist is a navy doctor, retired, and he is just a doubting thomas. If I could show him proof he would perhaps get behind it, but it would require some data.

    So I have ice, grapefruit, northern lights going for the next round. Couldn't have done it without all your help out there in GK land. I think with all the help, I have been able to reign them in and now the harvest will be good. Unless I mess it up somehow. but with all the threads and advice I am sure I will get it.

    So there will be easy bud, orange bud, strawberry cough, then ice and grapefruit, and nothern lights the second hardvest. That should give me a good idea what way to look in terms of varieties and genetics.
  15. strawberry.cough

    strawberry.cough looking into the abyss

    Warm fuzzies right back and to the kiddo too. I once was paid to teach a gal who had fallen from her patio. She landed on her head, on cement that was 10 feet below. She had daily grand mal seizures. The meds were just nasty, caused her many gum problems. I had to help her try and get some skills in math and english because she had missed so much school because of the seizuring. Was hard to watch. Takes a lot of energy so I will send some of my extra both your ways.
  16. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~

    Awww thanks Berry!! :love4:

    Also glad your grow is going well....sounds like you will have a nice salad in NO time girly!! Those strains sound sweet....:bigok:

    Always wanted to try strawberry cough.....sounds yummy too!

    I am planning on trying some Blueberry this season outdoors...also got my choco chunk beans and prolly gonna grow some skunk as well. 3 strains will be plenty of work so only gonna do the "3" differ ones. Last season was a flop due to the weather...ahhh well. I think this year will be better! :D

    Sending you positive vibes to your ladies!

    Peace~Mermaid :animbong:
  17. strawberry.cough

    strawberry.cough looking into the abyss

    Didn't last summer suck?!?!?!?! I mean we are sort of similar, you just have a longer season, but the weather is similar. It was hotter than hell up here for days on end. In the day time it was so sticky everything basically rotted where it stood. IT was cold to start then hot and nothing in between.

    The other thing I noticed was bizarre bugs. So We have had a cold new year, and that makes me really happy because I figure that will kill off the odd bugs and get us back to normal. I believe in global warming it is messing with my environment a lot.

    Anyway, I am debating whether I even want to grow outside this year. It has been so disappointing the last few years, I don't think weed grows well above 44 degrees N. The day lengths just are to short to soon, and the nights to cold.

    Now I can grow some mean tomatos so I am thinking of just doing all veggies outside instead of using two of the gardens for weed.

    I just love to garden, and I am really ill, but I love to pull weeds. I guess it is from growing up po'. We always had huge gardens to feed ourselves, and we all worked out there. I get in the groove and I am in tune with the weeds. hehehehe
  18. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Just a suggestion...

    Heres my latest :potleaf:strain i bought yesterday,made by the flying dutchman seedbank in holland,bought over the counter in glasgow (nxt day delivery),they stock all the best seedbanks strains,apparently this one has medicinal qualities,heres the lowdown,Peace:smokin:

    strain: pot of gold.

    Developed: Hawaii, USA, Holland,

    F-1 hybrid Sativa / Indica: Primarily Indica

    Appearance: Extremily resinous flowers and leaves

    Smell / taste: Smells and tastes like sweet hashish

    High / strength: Positive high, very strong

    Yield per m2: Very high Sowing time: May / June Outdoor harvest: October (Holland)

    Flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks (12 hrs indoor)

    11 seeds per pack

    A money maker, honey shaker, A true resin bomb! Compact plants that produce massive yields, also one of the most resinous strains in our selection. Pot Of Gold is one of the flagships of the Flying Dutchmen seed company. With a refined sweet Hashish taste and an extremely potent physical effect this strain will leave you stuck to your seat for hours. Good for many medical applications

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