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  1. This is to let everybody know that i have committed a grevious error in judgement. My deepest apologies to the Amsterdam Marijuana Seed company. They sent me an e-mail letting me know where to find the seeds. Pretty clever people. I hope never again to dis their fine reputation.
  2. CanadianDAN

    CanadianDAN Summer Greenthumb

    They were sent in a disgused package in a spot you wouldnt look [​IMG] Or what?
  3. mrsoprano

    mrsoprano Begun Flowering

    well thats that then. lets never talk of this iregularity again.
  4. Clarence Weedman

    Clarence Weedman Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    a very good thread. it takes a real man 2 fess up 2 hiz mistakes.
  5. LordDrucifer

    LordDrucifer Developed Alternating Nodes

    Reputation..... *Stamps document* CLEARED.
  6. nightstalker420

    nightstalker420 New Sprout

    yeah i got my seeds from there and they put them behind the cd holder, it is actually a really good thing. they make it safely to you and you get a blank cd! what more could you ask for..... :roll:
  7. SD

    SD Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Duuuude! I was just about to delete anything and everything with the name Amsterdam Seed Company from our hard drive along with a hefty internet block aimed directly at said offender! My God man, What were ya thinking!? Those kind of 'mistakes' can make or break a company overnight.

    This should teach ya to defile the name of such a fine integrity filled establishment without checking twice ehhhhh?... just watch your step mister, watch... your... step.:pissed:


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