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Discussion in 'Advanced Cultivation' started by wheelhorse, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. wheelhorse

    wheelhorse New Sprout

    In the great white north,winter has not hit yet and water temp. in my res is already down to 60 degrees would an aquarian heater be a good idea I have tried the search and never got any answers thanks
  2. rastaboy

    rastaboy Germinated

    Try a propane heater. This'll do it and plus you get CO2. But be careful for the fire...
  3. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger ***Rest in Peace***

    I'm assuming you mean an aquarium heater.
    60F is not a bad temp for water. I believe 60--70 F is about ideal.
  4. rastaboy

    rastaboy Germinated

    Too stoned... I didn't know you were talking about your res... Sorry dude...

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