Are these products any good?

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by Xedent, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Xedent

    Xedent Guest

    I was just wondering if any of these products are good for out door growing?
    Osmocote Exact standart - 15+4.0+7.5+1.8mgTE
    Seasol Liquid Seaweed
    rainsaver water storing cristals
    this is what i found in my old mans shed are any of these any good? thanks
  2. Roma1703

    Roma1703 Developed Alternating Nodes

    The seaweed i kno is pretty good cuz lotta ppl here use it. (im a bonemeal and bloodmeal guy myself) Seaweed is high in nutes that ur MJ plant needs.

    Thpse water saving crystals i'd ditch. U want great drainage cuz MJ roots dont like being wet all the time either. gotta give em time to dry out a little bit

    and the Osmocote i dunno about cuz i never heard anyhting about it or used it.
  3. llIndigoll

    llIndigoll Medical Grower

    Xedent, how old are you?
  4. Xedent

    Xedent Guest

    I just turned 18 on 17 Jan [​IMG]
  5. llIndigoll

    llIndigoll Medical Grower

    Does your "old man" know that you are using his gardening supplies? Are you intending to grow MJ on his property?
  6. Xedent

    Xedent Guest

    no he doesn't know and no it aint on his property.
  7. ThaiBubble

    ThaiBubble Germinated

    good luck on your first grow...outdoor im guessing, make sure you check out the faq to get all you outdoor growing info... stick with liquid seaweed, your ladies will love it and ditch everything else in thAT shed. you can go out and buy some cheap ferts that are slow release so you dont have to constantly water with nutrients.
  8. Xedent

    Xedent Guest

    thaks man thats all i needed

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