Attention: I am a federale

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by CobraII, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. CobraII

    CobraII Full Flowering

    Be careful when talking to me, amigos... I am a federale.
    Viva méxicán federáles!

    I am watching you all.
    This is a paranoia test........ [​IMG]
  2. ledzep

    ledzep Veggy Stage

    lol.. cant wait for some posting by CG on this one
  3. CobraII

    CobraII Full Flowering

    Agrowguy and I are conspiring.

    I am working for the mexican government and he's working for the U.S. Federal government. Although I am not even mexican they let me run their entire pot division. One of the perks is all the free ganja you can smoke! [​IMG]


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  4. Mrs B

    Mrs B Guest

    Oooh, arrest me, Senor cop! Turn me loose in the evidence room, por favor! :biggrin:
  5. newfie

    newfie Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    have any of you watched "que hora est?" its a fucking hilaroius skit on one of foxes tv shows... just when you said por favor it reminded me of a time in cuba asking for sez cervasas por favor... the guy was dirty and gave a funny grin and said in some baaad english... "HAVA GOOOD NIGH!" it was fucking hilarous.... ahhh... oh, im going out wiht my buddies now to pick up some NL#5 crossed with kemo.. home grown **** and he only has 1/2O so its like a good thing im friends with him : ) then we go play some CS.. w00t!

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