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    GHS Auto Sweet Mango:"Flowering Indoors: 7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 700 gr/sqm. Can be flowered at 18 or 12 hours photoperiod. 9 weeks total crop time."I posted a thread the other day asking about 12/12 under a 600w HPS, or 18/6 under about 500w of CFLs. I have read that 18/6 is the best cycle, but I cannot run HID longer than 12/12 at the moment. This calls for an expirement!!!!The seeds sprouted in the glass a few days ago. They have each been put in two gallon pots, in the same soil. They will receive the same nutrients throughout their growth cycle, so the only difference that will be made is the lights. View attachment 17577 View attachment 17578 -One of them from sprout to finish under 12/12 600w HPS. (I want to see if the intensity in the lumen output will be better than a longer light duration.) View attachment 17579 -The other one will be put under about 500w worth of CFLs that are mostly in the Daylight Spectrum. This one will be on 18/6 to give the plant the longer light duration, with less intense light. View attachment 17580 My hypothesis, is that the HPS at 12/12 will produce the better results. If I were using HID for both phases, I would chose the 18/6. (Just seeing how much my Querkle grew in 1 day of HID lighting w/ 12/12... gives me hope that the auto will be twice the size, before it triggers its' flowering.








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    This will be interesting. :popcorn-2:
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    Week 1 of life.The seed under the HPS is a day behind the CFL grow, but I buried it a little deeper in the soil. Here are the seedlings after 7 days.CFL at 18/6 day 7: View attachment 17601 HPS at 12/12 day 7: View attachment 17602 Let the adventure begin!




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    Cant wait to watch this grow :D
  5. Discorilla

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    Thanks guys! The CFL seedling is kicking the HPS's ass right now. I finally got the HPS pot moved closer to the pot, though. The growth has definitely improved since doing this.
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    Day 14 of Auto Sweet Mango ExperimentHere are the two plants under their respective lights at day 14!CFL: View attachment 17636 HPS: View attachment 17637 The CFL grow is a little bit ahead of the HPS. This is because the HPS seedling had 9 days of being too far from the light. You can see it in the stretching. It is making a nice recovery, though! I am hopeful that it will catch up with the other plant. I could do a run of seedlings under 12/12, now that I know how high to raise the seedlings to get them light.




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    'A little bit'??? I'd say ALOT :thumbsup:
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    Day 21The Autos are at day 21 now! The CFL one began flowering 3 days ago, and the HPS one is getting bigger by the day.HPS on 12/12: View attachment 17686 CFL on 18/6 View attachment 17687




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    Real curios how the sweet mango comes out. :popcorn-2:
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    Sad day for the CFL Auto. It's dead... I went in my room, and found it completely bent over. I've never seen anything like it. The stem is non-existant below the soil.The HPS is going strong, though. This thread will continue for the sake of the HPS one!Here is the CFL one. I will post pics of the HPS one later. Now I can say the HPS one kicked it's ass I suppose... View attachment 17707


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    Jeez I've never seen that before. I know that it's in the Bible though in the pests and diseases section. Might be worth checking to see if it's a problem with the bag of soil you used or something. Seem to recall overwatering was a possible cause for that too, but I haven't read the bible in like 2 years.
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    I agree. The stem probably rooted due to the soil being to wet. My guess anyways. also.
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    Yeah, next time...

    I won't be starting plants in the pots they finish in. The HPS one is really taking off, though. For almost four weeks old, I should have seen way more roots than that.
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    Week 4 for AutoHere the HPS one is. It has caught up to the other girls as far as height goes, and has begun flowering. I'm sad about the CFL one, but it was a freebie. No money lost... View attachment 17714


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    I flowered my autos in my vegetative room under my MH on a 20/4 schedule in order to try and maximize the size of the plants.
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    Yeah, originally this was was side by side comparison. That was until the CFL one under 18/6 died. I don't think I would ever do autos if it weren't for them being free.
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    HPS Auto 4/15/13 Day 12 of flowerHere is the HPS Auto Mango. It was stretching on the left side of my grow room too much, so it has been moved to where the Sky Dragon was. It looks much happier here. Here she is at about 12 days of flower. View attachment 17753


  19. rasganjah

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    Flowers are developing nicely but I see what looks like some pretty apparent mite damage on the leaves? Have you treated them for mites?
  20. Discorilla

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    Yeah, it has been treated with Neem Oil. That is about as far as I can take it right now.

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