Auxins a Growth Hormone Primer

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    The concept of chemical messengers in plants was proposed by Charles Darwin and his son, Francis, in 1881, who spent time looking at the phenomenon of phototropism in wheat seedlings. Plant shoots are positively phototropic. When a seedling is illuminated from the side, the shoot will bend towards the light. This directional growth makes sense, since plants need light for photosynthesis. However, the Darwins found that if the coleoptile of a wheat seedling was removed, the plant no longer curved towards light. They did a number of experiments and determined that a chemical located in the coleoptile traveled to the region of elongation and effected a differential elongation of cells furthest from the light sources. The chemical was subsequently studied and named auxin by Frits Went in 1926.

    A primary site of auxin production is the apical shoot meristem. Auxin moves down the stem parenchyma cells by polar transport (auxin becomes negatively charged) using proton pumps, an ATP requiring process.

    The most important auxin produced by plants is indole-3-acetic acid (IAA).
    It plays important roles in a number of plant activities, including:
    *development of the embryo
    *leaf formation
    *apical dominance
    *fruit development
    *root initiation

    Auxin applied to shoots on left and center

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    Indi...Maybe im in over my head here....but Im not sure I understand.
    "A primary site of auxin production is the apical shoot meristem. Auxin moves down the stem parenchyma cells by polar transport (auxin becomes negatively charged) using proton pumps, an ATP requiring process."

    Then you go on to say
    My confusion is how and where is it applied? Or does the plant create this itself? Is this a product you can purchase? And what effects would it have on an MJ plants...same as the wheat?
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    It's plant biology.
    Auxin contributes to every step of development.
    Auxin occurs naturally in plants. The techniques we employ as cultivators directly affect auxin amounts, concentrations, etc. You can purchase IAA and synthetic auxins. The application of auxin on cuttings shows incredible andventitious root promotion (for cloning). It also shows how training and trimming affect the flow of auxin and where it is concentrated (adventitious branches, training, and elongation AKA stretching).
    This is also a bit of history showing the study of auxin in plant life from Darwin to Went.
    Knowledge of plant biology is essential to being a great cultivator.
    Wheat was used by Darwin and his son because it was readily available and a major crop for agriculture. The physics and roles of auxin in wheat are similar to all plant life.
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    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, well that explains everything.
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    inndigoll,nice...thx...another great link++ thax for sharing....peace moon/
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    Interesting read, and it was from a while ago. That Delta fella was who got me started with Low-Stress Training.
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    A good solid starter on Auxins. Anybody who trains their plants should understand this important hormone.
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    dyna gro k l n

    Yeah dyna gro kln that would be the 1 to use and don't use protech if you're using molasses if you plan on bending your plants at least until you gott them shaped because it makes stronger thicker stocks that will snap off
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    Plant hormones and PGRs

    Good thread. Understanding how and why plant hormones function in a plant is important in getting the most out of your plant. There is a plant growth regulator (pgr) used in commercial horticulture settings called Fascination. is a liquid solution, dillited at around 3ppm and applied as a foilar spray. It works by increasing the rate of cell expansion. Really cool stuff. I've only seen it used on points but maybe on bud?
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    I did a small study in 2016 on BA6 (Cytokinin)
    It was a failure due to foliar application, and the reason why I changed my media type to soil in place of hydroponics. You can see severely burnt foliage from the use of Potassium Hydroxide to dissolve the BA6.

    It was use 3 times on my Aeroponic-Hydroponics, using recycled Aquaponic nutrients to grow in.

    I have a planned larger controlled study at the end of 2017, with Auxin and Cytokinin, using soil application.
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    Man talk about a zombie thread! This one's been lurking since 2004 LOL Keeps coming back every few years.

    What is your theory dumme? What are you trying to prove or disprove? I'm interested in better science for cannabis.
  13. Nice!
    How easily you have made me understand this concept. BTW, I've searched from other resources also and got to know about Power Seeds. They have also great information and offers for buying cannabis seeds.

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