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  1. TheApprentice

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    Simple thread idea guys. You post a tune from a band,any band but its got to be in your mind one of their top3 songs ever(in case someone has already posted your 1st choice). I'll kick of with ,in my opinion,the best Beatles song,best Rolling Stones song and the best Who song.



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  3. TheApprentice

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    Excellent choices Sir:icon_salut: Im a huge Pink Floyd fan and its soooooo hard to try pick any one Floyd song but yeah that would be one of them..... heres another that would be in my top 3 best of the best Pink Floyd:bongin:


    ^^^ Thats an almost impossible choice for me to make. I love Pink Floyd so much that i honestly struggle to pick out a top song... cos each time i go to post a Wish You Were Here or Learning to Fly or a One of these days and Us & them then i instantly remember another 7 or 8 classics that i feel should make the cut lol. I can pick my top 2 or 3 songs from ANY artist but when it comes to Floyd i cant call it.... Best Band ever in my eyes. Good call though Res:jj:
  4. ResinRubber

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    Love PF but Echoes at Pompeii is IMHO one of the top three mega-band jams ever. Period. Look no further.

    Other top two mega-band jams:

    The Who at Woodstock, My Generation. Simply because of the context of the performance.


    Traffic '72, Low Spark of High Heeled boys. It's Winwood fer chrissakes! The cat's got staying power that's spanned 50 years of new material. Plus... check Winwoods eyes at around the 7 minute mark. If that cat ain't tripping I'm a chick. That alone deserves an honorable mention.

  5. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'



  6. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    best song ever to get a lap dance to:pimp:


  7. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Shit...wanna change just because I think Alabama Song, Back Door man describe my youth in many many many ways......

  8. Psycho D


    I agree.

    I love epic stuff,




    There's a theme here... :not-worthy:
  9. BongRippa

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    OK i will put my favorite from classic rock, metal, hip hop and punk.

    my classic and all time favorite.

    Led Zeppelins Kashmir


    Metal would be

    Iron Madiens run to the hills


    Hip hop would be

    beaties boys so whatcha want


    Punk would be

    Iggy Pop's I wanna be your dog.


    I couldn't narrow it down to three

  10. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Good choices there bong
  11. ResinRubber

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    SOOooooo diggin on the Femmes. Nice. Almost tucked a Doors jam in there too. :popcorn-2:

    It's sorta pop...but I still like them. Think this is the best the Police ever got to.

  12. TheApprentice

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    The Who were first Live album i heard and 1st Band i ever saw Live (Twice)


    :passit:As promised,Ap checking in to smoke a blunt with Growkind:passit:

    This post is a little reminisce and a little insight to what music and The Who and Floyd specifically mean to me. The Who is the soundtrack to my Teens to Twenties,no doubt. And Floyd,well Floyd were the first band i ever got into really.And their the greatest.But for bouncing around high and drunk then The Who were ace for me and all my mates. We wore the designer parkers ,the lacoste polo shirts or Ben Sherman collar shirts with the Teddy Smith jeans thinking we were cool as fuck ha! :suave::smokin::lmao: Light a blunt to this post aha...COS ITS GOT TWO FULL ALBUMS ON IT!!:roll:

    I wear my heart on my sleeve with The Who man.It wasnt just me,literally every generation above me,below me and around me where i came from were ALL mad Mods and we were big on The Who,Small Faces and then The Jam ,The Specials, The Clash aswell as all the good shit like The Doors,Stones,Beatles etc. BUT FOR ME MAN THE WHO ARE HUGE PART OF GROWING UP. TWO CRAZY ...AND I MEAN BATSHIT CRAZY ,WEEKENDS TWO YEARS RUNNING TO LONDON TO SEE THE WHO LIVE... It kickstarted my interest in live music. Gigs to see Oasis,Ocean Colour Scene and The Verve followed. I miss gigs man. I was supposed to go see Roger Waters on 26th september for my birthday but i ended up with my Dad staying at mine cos we share the same birthday plus the dog just died so was nice to see him.....BUT I SO FUCKIN WISH I HAD BEEN ABLE TO JUMP ON THE TRAIN INTO LONDON TO SEE ROGER WATERS...Might never get another chance to see him performing The Wall. Dave Gilmour ,i wanna see him too.His voice is likeVelvet Gold or some shit.I can listen to him all day....Anyways this blunts making me digress...:jj:

    :passit: Res me and you seem to appreciate the same goodness man:icon_salut: Cos if i was gonna pick out my Fav all time Live gigs by Floyd then yeah Live at Pompeii (Echoes) would be up there with best Floyd gig ever. And as far The Who... its a straight flip between their My Generation @ Woodstock or a certain gig they did @ The Isle of Wight back in the day with a Mr Jimi Hendrix on the same bill. Isle of Wight and Woodstock are great Who performances.

    Although iv gotta say Res.... I assume your well versed with, The Who Live at Leeds?:notworthy: Cos Live at Leeds growing up was my fav live album by any band period(I was into Floyd but hadnt yet discovered Pompeii)

    Live at Leeds was my introduction to live performance up till then i hadnt been to seen much live performances be it gigs or even in Jams and id never listened to anything other than studio albums. Live at leeds is what got me into live music and it killed me that id never got to see The Who perform live....... UNTIL THEY DECIDED TO REFORM AND TOUR THE QUADROPHENIA ALBUM.:rocker:

    It came about cos they did the album for a one of gig at Hyde Park for the princes trust and me and 28 crazy Glaswegians hired a coach and all went to London for that gig. I say we booked a coach but half the coach staggered on drunk and awoke in London not even knowing where they were,no money and no tickets lol. We all pitched in and we all saw the gig. 250,000 people rocking a summers day in Hyde Park. Ronnie Wood from The Stones, Dave Gilmour from Floyd, Ringo Starrs son Zak Starkey on drums. And just in case that jam line up aint enough a certain Bob Dylan graced the stage that day and yet another act was scored of my bucket list. Oh aye and Alanis Morrisette was there too:eusa_shifty: Amazing gig. After that they toured the Quadrophenia album and me and the lads did it all again the followng year when we hired a coach to go to Earls Court and see it all again.

    LIVE AT LEEDS is the album that turned me on to the art of live performance ,up until then id only listened to post production music. Live at Leeds is a great raw album. To see The Who live at my first ever gigs will never leave me cos me and all my mates were mod crazy growing up and we could quote the Quadrophenia film word for word lol. My only regret was never having seen Keith Moon rock the drums live:sad4: But yeah Live At Leeds was an IMPORTANT album to me.Iv still got the double vinyl in mint condition. Isel of Wight too.... i assume you know all about Live at Leeds and Isle of Wight gigs by The Who Res yeah:ponder:


    POSSIBLY ONE OF THEE GREATEST EVER LIVE PERFORMANCE BY The Who.. So good i couldnt pick one song so have uploaded their full Isle of Wight gig:cool: Guys ,just open Growkind on another tab for browsing and play Live At Leed while you fuck around the forum.:cool: Pure Quality & SheerClass :notworthy::icon_salut:



    And thee ultimate live album ever (Pink Floyd aside).... LIVE AT LEEDS!!!!:rocker::rocker::rocker:


    The soundtrack to my friday and saturday nights and teenage years as me and all my mates used to bounce of the walls drunk and on speed and ecstasy thinking we were each and every one of us Keith Moon reincarnate as we bounced round causing mayhem singing "we are The Mods". Shit man,if we saw biker kids our own age,we would go at them hard:tvlaugh: Those were the days:suave:
  13. BongRippa

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    The Who is pretty freaking awesome. My favorite song by them is the seeker

  14. ResinRubber

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    Isle of Wight is necessary of a full entry of its own Ap. :notworthy:
  15. TheApprentice

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    Totally Agree 100% with you on that one man!

    Yup The Seeker is pretty much my favourite along with Behind Blue Eyes


    .....but each and every song is a memory for me and i know every word.Have you heard Live at Leeds bRippa? Sometimes it fliesunder sme peoples radars.But as far as live albums. Its pretty solid and untouchable i think:eusa_snooty:

    Im a huge Who fan. Got all their boxsets and the music they did when they were a little mod band called The High Numbers. Iv got quite a few Vinyls in mint condition like Live at Leeds,Whos Next, Tommy and Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy. There still back home with my Dad cos i never trusted myself to take them on my travels with me and not be lost,sold,stole or damaged. I picked them all up over the years "hustlin" as you guys say:icon_lol:

    EDIT: Just saw your comment Res:thumbsup:... Yeah man Isle of Wight legendary not just for The Who but i have a fondness for Jimi Hendrix and the gig he did there too (a nice little review of Jimi's gig- ).... You rate Live at Leeds Res?
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  16. BongRippa

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    No I havent Ap. When The who is mentioned I think of Quadrophenia the rock opera and of course Tommy the Pinball Wizard. Definitely will check out the live performance at Leeds.
  17. TheApprentice

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    Wanna watch a cool little 60's flick?True story of UK'face' now respected Journalist.

    Yeah its (Live at Leeds full album) up above man^^^^^,just click on that and run a 2nd tab for Growkind in your browser to read the forum while you hear some proper "Brittish R&B" music. Yeah Quadrophenia,thats what most people think of with The Who. I think Keith Moon and White Rolls Royces in swimming pools,Dexidrine speed tablets and Valium along with teenage wastelands lol . You watched the film Tommy then yeah?You remember how fucked up that was,the scene where Roger Daltrey ends up covered in a ton of baked beans!!:rofl: .... Elton John and alsorts of people in it:lmao: Good music though:smokin:

    The Who made some good films too. The true life story of a UK gangster who escapade from a max security jail-McVicar and of course Quadrophenia... heres the FULL movie of McVicar. If your stoned with over an hour to kill its worth watching. All based on true story,he was a prisoner inside with great train robbers,Krays and all manner of dudes. Its a neat film:thumbsup:


    But aye Quadrophenia,thats what i saw live both times.Amazing album.When The Who did it live they had Billy Idol playing Stings part. Heres the full quadrophenia film too for good measure lol. Make this thread a nice little place to hang out:tvlaugh:


    Anyone else got some cultural gems that fit the "Best of the Best" criteria:ponder:

  18. BongRippa

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    I Liked Tina Turner as the Acid Queen. It looks like this turned into The Who thread. Maybe somebody will nominate some Miliey Cyrus or Justin Bieber for The Best of the Best?


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  19. TheApprentice

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    Kinks best of the best & Lou Reed best of the best....

    No way,they dont fit the criteria:lmao: Best of the best states they gotta be regarded by your peers to be among the best bands of all time and then you gotta put up what you consider to be arguably one of their top 3 best songs.O i'll kickstart the Best of the Best theme again...

    Here we go with arguably the best Lou Reed/Nico & The Velvet Underground song. And this wasnt easy cos Waiting for the Man,Walk on the Wild Side and a few others were in contention for best Lou Reed/Velvet Underground.But there it is.Another significant tune from back in the day...


    And one more Best of the Best for good measure. This time its a REAL hard one. The Kinks. TOO MANY CLASSIC TO CHOSE FROM. Apeman,Lola,Waterloo Sunset,Days,On An Island,Death of a Clown and many more all time classics. But this one is arguably among the best.It wasnt even a single or an album filler,it was a B side.But some big bands like Oasis have had their biggest or best tune being on a B side. At the very least its aged better than many of their other songs and this song still feels modern and relevant...

  20. ResinRubber

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    Any festival by the legends (Hendrix, Winwood, the Who, CSNY, et al,) after Monterey is top rate in my book. By then they were well oiled drug fueled machines. Some lived....some died, but they always gave a great show.

    Check out the 1967 Monterey fest.




    As for live at Leeds..there's a generation of men, that no what matter station in life, that will always rock to Live at Leeds. Banker or biker alike. Can't say that about a lot of music.

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