Building an aero cloner - tips and tricks, please!

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by greenthumbwhitethumb, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. greenthumbwhitethumb

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    Hi folks! After losing a couple strains to neglectful cloning, I decided I should try something more successful, so I don't lose any more.

    I did (admittedly only a little bit...) some poking around re:aero cloners. And by poking, I read a couple posts here, and then looked up some shit on amazon. Then I decided instead of paying $60 for a fucking bucket with a pump, I could make one. So I bought my stuffs.

    I have a pump, a fish tank heater, cloning gel, and some plugs. And a bucket. Of course.

    I didn't know how small my pump was until I got it, and I realized I might have made a lazy-girl/impulse purchase error.

    I filled my bucket to cover the pump, and turned it on. It looks like it has great coverage across the bucket, but the spray doesn't quite get up to the top of the bucket. It's really only full coverage about 6" down. I'm guessing that to clone I need the cuttings to be more sprayed than what this will, so is there a cheater way to raise that pump up? Some sort of non-absorbent block or piece of something? Is that too ghetto? Am I being lazy? (yes, I'm being lazy. I'm tired these days....)

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  2. OldSmokey

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    There are shorter buckets available. That might be easier than a more potent pump.
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    Smokey's got it, get you a 2.5 gallon bucket. Be sure to paint it if it's white, or block any light from getting in. Don't really think the cloning gel is necessary. I quit using that in the cloner a long time ago. You'll still get good results. Or just put a brick in the bottom of the one you've got.
    Be Cool, CG
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  4. greenthumbwhitethumb

    greenthumbwhitethumb down w the moral majority

    So how far up should the spray be going? If my cuttings are sticking down, let's say 2-5" from the lid, should the whole thing be getting soaked? (as in, if the lid's off, the water is coming out the top)

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    I'd think you'd want to make sure you cover the entire stem of the clones. My Ezcloner bounces water off the lid. You'll loose a little pressure as the sprayers slowly gets clogged with shit. What you've got there looks great as long as the pressure stays up. Good Luck!!
    Be Cool, CG
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    I like the brick idea..

    One of my favorite responses to the question "what should I do?"

    "PUT A BRICK ON IT!" :pimp:

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