Bushladen, India make nuclear deal...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by neobud, Mar 2, 2006.

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    Under the accord, elusive until the last minute, the United States would share American nuclear know-how and fuel with India to help power its fast-growing economy, even though India won’t sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. It would represent a major shift in policy for the United States, which imposed temporary sanctions on India in 1998 after it conducted nuclear tests.

    “We concluded an historic agreement today on nuclear power,” Bush said. “It’s not an easy job for the prime minister to achieve this agreement. I understand. It’s not easy for the American president to achieve this agreement.”

    Bush, turning immediately toward selling the deal to skeptics in the U.S. Congress, called it “a necessary agreement.”

    “It’s one that will help both our peoples,” he said.

    Singh repeatedly thanked Bush for personally shepherding the deal.

    “But for his leadership, this day probably would not have come so soon,” Singh said.
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    That is pretty fucked up.
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    Fact is we could use India on our team, they already have the bomb,and they have not used it. India will likely gain a spot on the UN security council before long as well. Not that the UN is worth a damn.
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    India has no intentions to threaten us or harm us except for one thing...they are a nation of a billion muslims. Going against my instincts, as of today, I trust India more so than Pakistan. I want to see India obliterate Pakistan one day.

    I feel, if we tangle with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, etc... we will spark complete muslim withdraw and thus we will have to worry about Pakistan, India, etc. Then the whole world will think we are fucked and probably the communist nations will go against us too.
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    India is a Hindu nation. I'm not sure of the difference, but I know there is a difference.
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    You are partly correct. There are Tamel ( sp) and other religions in India as well and Agrow is correct it is mostly Muslim. Sri Lanka is right off the cost of India and I can tell you right now they HATE US like you would not believe.

    I made the mistake of being a friend of a Sri Lankan. I had known him for years. Right after 9/11 there were gangs of people running the streets in Columbus Ohio fucking up anyone middle eastern looking. I called to check on him because I was worried that he could be hurt. He answered the phone and I asked if he was ok. He said and I quote, " See, see what you Americans get. You finally got what was coming to you because you are all bullies and I am glad it happened." I was in total shock. This guy knew I was exmiltary and had fought in the Gulf. He also knew that if he were standing in front of me he would be a dead man. He never once before that said anything bad about America. NEVER he was here on a Educational Visa. I found out it was expired and had his ass deported. I hope he is happy in his own country now. It just goes to show that you can trust no one. You never know what a person is thinking.
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    Whats funny (or sad) however you look at it, the people that did the shit here in CO were probably acquaintances.
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