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    I have an old cabinet that I want to use as a grow area. It's a tall cabinet with 3 cabinets above each other. The sizes are, top: 16.6 inches high x 23 deep x 26 wide. middle: 31 high x 23d x 26w. bottom:30 x 23 x 26. I was thinking of just using the bottom 2 for now for clones, mothers to follow, and vegging. Would this be a good area? Enough room to keep a couple mothers? I was going to cut 4 inch exhausts in each, a 2x10 screened fresh air on both sides and the bottom of each cab. What size light would I need? 125 cfl? Any ideas on this would help. And yes, I did look around this site for threads I read but I get soooooo side tracked when I see another post or pic that interests me.Plus at my age I get confused easily.:anibong: Thanks.
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    Height is gonna be your issue with 31" for a mom chamber but yeah if you use a couple low wattage like 60w CFL's and train them to stay low as well as use a low profile pot something wider than taller you could definately pack a mom or 2 in there. clones take no real space i used to have a shit ton of plastic 16oz cups one clone each they can grow to about 9" in those cups. I have seen ppl flower in them but that's your choice...DSP

    You may think 31" how isn't that enough that's almost 3 foot tall plants. But take 8 inches away for a pot then 6-8" for light and some space to let the heat dissipate your down to about 16" to 18" of usable space. Which 2-3 inches of that will be just stem. But go to the FAQ and look at the LST portion get some string and go nuts!!!
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    Yes, I would say you have enough space...The cab, you said was old. I would make sure that it is clean, the last thing you want is fungi or mold. Scrub, fresh flat white paint, or even poly to ensure your little ones get off to a good start! Good luck.
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    I have a couple of options with this cabinet. I will not be flowering in this cab. I can cut out a shelf our 2 and give myself a hieght of 48 inches, 50 inches or 62 inches and still have another cab who'se size would depend on which option. This is just to veg and eventually a mother or 2 (or what I could cram in ). I'll probably use the tubberware option to start my clones and then transfer to this cab. About how tall and wide are mothers usually kept at? And to achieve this, do you keep trimming? And yes it's old and now keeps old handle bars( a shit load), bags of rags and other misc. bike parts. The interior is in good shape, just dusty.I would line it with hippo or mylar. Really don't want to paint it.
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    I can't grow regular bonsias to save my life. Tried and failed miserably and fast. Just read the LST ( so that's what that means. lol). I did something like that about 25 years ago by keeping the plant growing sideways on a second floor porch to keep it below the porch railing, but kept it in one direction along the walls.
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    I'm with Steel-, You probably will have an issue with height... I would look into Pruning/Lst/Bending and their are that your flowering plants have the space to grow! Like Steel said...cut a shelf out that would for sure give your Mj room to grow.
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    After reading about the bonsai moms, it seems do able. But what seems and what happens...

    I know I'd like milts ( kinda like milfs ), exept ( marijuana I'd like to smoke or moms I'd like to smoke) and yes I just made that up,:roffl: ,I kill me, but I do need a place to veg. I have a flowering tent of 4 ft x 4 ft x 7 feet, with 600w hps so flowering is will not be done in this cab.
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    yeah totaly doable just have to keep yer temps/humidity in check and make certain you have the air flow thats a must....outside of that you can fer sur l.s.t. em and rock a micro grow....marijuana is one one (THE) most adaptable and capable plants i know of and ive seen awsome things come out of small spaces........nothing is quite as wonerfull & beautifull as an outdoor sativa thats 15 ft and 2 mos into flower but just the same yer micro grow will produce if you pay attention to the nature of the game...keep em happy and they will reward you......good luck bro.
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    yah, i've learned a great deal from all of you, and all the great feeds and tips. I recently tried the Lst method and Wow! I saved allot of height, now the 2 are @ the same level.

    thanks GK for all you tips and posts...should i post a pic of what I did? or not?
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