can i mix nuets?

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by phantom, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. phantom

    phantom New Sprout

    hey all, i hope this is'nt a dumb question. lets say you are feeding a 20-20-20 feed and you need some extra mg and micro nutes all at the same time. can you mix this in the same watering can at recomended or less strength and feed your plants everything in one watering? or should you feed indepently. thanks for any answer. stay safe
  2. bdub420

    bdub420 Full Flowering

    All together
  3. SoTexGrowr1

    SoTexGrowr1 Developed Alternating Nodes

    Do not give your plants a 20-20-20 fert.
  4. doc420

    doc420 New Sprout

    :cool: The 20-20-20 fertilizer works but wouldnt recommend it reason of the fact that it is a chemical fertilizer and I would prefer an all organic fertilizer.Try using Metanaturals or Bio products youll hacve better taste and smell throughout your whole grow.
  5. SoTexGrowr1

    SoTexGrowr1 Developed Alternating Nodes

    POsted in wrong thread.

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