Canada selling medical weed?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by Mrs B, Jul 10, 2003.

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    I just read in the paper about this plan which is about to go into effect. What really cracked me up was where they claim their "medicine" will be "reliably more potent than anything peddled on the street" at 10% THC! Pssssssst... somebody please send them some White Russian or Medicine Man!
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    Those crazy canucks!!! :lmao: ( no offense canadians, I'm j/k)

    Ya know, their government has a huge underground grow operation in a big old cave somewhere up there. THey grew a bunch of weed that was supposed to be top-notch-grade A- no. 1- primo- dank, since Canadian weed was soo good LOL. They were going to release it to medical users. Problem was, all the weed they grew was ****, on the level of plain old schwag. Plus, they didn't realize that the great canadian genetics all originally came from Cali and the P.N.W. They couldn't explain it since they had some scientists growing the whole thing. They basically had a mile long cave full of hemp! So everybody laughed and they decided not to release it to the public. That was about a year ago. Haven't heard much on it since then. Maybe they finally got it close to "right"! It would be about the right timing.
  3. Mrs B

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    Canada set to dispense marijuana as medicine

    By Colin Nickerson, Globe Staff, 7/10/2003

    MONTREAL -- Canada yesterday announced that it will start selling cheap pot to ill people seeking surcease from pain, becoming the first country in the world to supply so-called ''medical marijuana'' directly to patients.

    Acting under court pressure, Health Canada -- the federal ministry of health -- said 1,650 baggies of marijuana are already packed and ready for sale to patients suffering from pain or nausea as the result of disease, chemotherapy used to treat cancer, AIDS, and other serious sicknesses. Marijuana also will be sold to people not expected to live more than a year.

    The price is right, supplies should begin moving by next week, and the marijuana grown under government contract will be more reliably potent than anything peddled on the street, officials said.

    ''It's a splendid product, with a THC content of 10 percent,'' Cindy Cripps-Prawak, director of the federal office of Cannabis Medical Access, said in a conference call with reporters. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive chemical that gives marijuana its punch; marijuana sold on the street has THC levels ranging from 3 percent to 16 percent, according to police.

    Health Canada also said it will provide marijauna seeds to ''authorized persons'' wanting to sow and cultivate their own marijuana crop so long as the purpose of the harvest is medicinal.

    Officials said 582 ill individuals have already been approved for the controversial program, although tens of thousands are expected to apply for the government marijuana, grown with artificial light in hydroponic vats 1,200 feet underground in a disused section of a zinc mine in Flin Flon, Manitoba.

    But marijuana activists called the announcement a ''smoke screen,'' and accused Ottawa of dragging its heels on the program to assist ill people whose symptoms might be alleviated by regular use. Marijuana should be distributed to hundreds of thousands of Canadians, not mere hundreds, said organizers of a protest yesterday outside Parliament in Ottawa.

    ''They have bungled the program and have done nothing to help 400,000 Canadians who need access to medicinal marijuana,'' said Philippe Lucas, head of the group Canadians for Safe Access, which advocates easy access to marijuana for almost any patient wanting succor. ''This benign herb has a high safety profile and should be readily available.''

    Canadian medical organizations, however, oppose the program because it puts physicians in the postion of being asked to prescribe a drug that has not undergone the sort of clinical trials required of ordinary pharmaceuticals.

    ''There is no scientific proof of either the effectiveness or safety [of marijuana] for short- or long-term use,'' said Dana Hanson, president of the Canadian Medical Association. ''There has been a glaring lack of consultation with physicians on this program -- yet physicians are being put in a position where patients may expect us to prescribe or dispense the substance.

    ''We're urging our doctors not to dispense [marijuana], since there is so much professional risk,'' he said.

    Canada officially created its medical marijuana program in 2001, but it quickly became bogged down in bureaucratic delays. In January, an Ontario court gave Ottawa six months to start dispensing pot, ruling that federal drug laws made ''seriously ill, vulnerable people deal with the underworld to get medicine.''

    Yesterday's announcement that the government will start selling medical marijuana comes as Prime Minister Jean Chretien pursues legislation that will decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use -- a proposal bitterly opposed by the Bush adminstration, which fears a flood of the drug into the United States.

    The government price for medical marijuana will be equivalent to $106 an ounce -- less than half the average street price in Canada, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Marijuana seeds will be sold at $15 for a packet of 30.

    Sale of medical marijuana -- grown by Saskatchewan-based Prairie Plant Systems Inc. -- will be limited to people suffering from chronic or catastrophic illnesses, including cancer, HIV or AIDS, arthritis, multiple sclerois, or mystery ailments that cause serious pain or nausea but cannot be readily diagnosed.

    ''This medical marijuana program promotes research on the medical value of marijuana while taking a compassionate approach to Canadians who suffer from serious medical conditions,'' said Health Minister Anne McLellan.

    Although at least 12 states have approved the use of marijuana with a doctor's approval, the US Supreme Court in 2001 upheld a federal ban on medical marijuana.

    Health Canada said yesterday that it is advising patients not to smoke the marijuana, but rather sprinkle it into food or suffuse it in tea. ''We believe that patients consume it in the safest possible way,'' said Cripps-Prawak. ''And the only way they can determine this is by discussing it with their physician.''

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  4. KingMarijuana

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    thats good stuff, except for the 10% thc **** :|. Good reasearch B [​IMG]. :wave:
  5. ClayStreet

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    The probably made those scientists smoke it all too. They locked em in with a new fridge full of food everyday to study the effects of schwag on top notch minds. [​IMG]

    Those guys are probably used to it and likewise tired of it, but we're not letting em out until they smoked the whole cave!

    ha, I'm stoned..
  6. ToaD

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    Just as Canada takes steps forward the US takes 3 backwards.


    WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration wants the Supreme Court's permission to strip prescription licenses from doctors who recommend marijuana to sick patients.

    The administration, which has taken a hard stand against state medical marijuana laws, asked the high court to strike down an appeals court ruling that blocked the punishment or investigation of physicians who tell patients they may be helped by the drug.

    The administration's appeal, filed this week, gives the Supreme Court a chance to revisit the subject of legalized marijuana. Two years ago, the court ruled that there is no exception in federal drug laws for people to use marijuana to ease pain from cancer, AIDS, or other illnesses. That case also involved a ruling of the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco.

    Solicitor General Theodore Olson said the latest Ninth Circuit Court decision keeps the US Drug Enforcement Administration from protecting the public. He said the ruling licenses doctors to treat patients with illegal drugs and that physicians who urge patients to use marijuana are no different than those recommending heroin or LSD.

    Medical marijuana laws are on the books in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

    At issue is a policy, put in place during the Clinton administration, that requires revocation of prescription licenses of doctors who recommend marijuana.

    The appeals court said that the policy interferes with free-speech rights of doctors and patients. Physicians should be able to speak candidly with patients without fear of government sanctions, the court said, but they can be punished if they actually help patients to obtain the drug.

    Graham Boyd, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer representing patients, doctors, and other groups, said a government victory at the high court would gut the medical marijuana laws and hurt doctor-patient relationships.

    ''This case is about doctors providing honest and accurate medical advice to patients and the government wanting to censor that advice and leave patients to the Internet, their friends, and back alley information in order to make medical decisions,'' Boyd said.

    Justices will probably decide this fall whether to review the case.
  7. doctorcalyx

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    First off what do you think about bud bieng legalized for patients and not the public at large? other than the already legal places to buy(hollandandsuch) how many think that the legalization would spread to the general public in canada? by this i mean prescription drugs like vicodin and valium are only avalible to prescribed patients. all tho almost anyone can get them its illegal to have without a doctor slip. so in the governments eyes if everyone can do it why do only certain people need it? so i guess my question is how would the process go from only patients having it, to what the hell sell it at the bars!?

    What happened to marc emery? they should hire him to help grow them canadians some good buds.

    "Solicitor General Theodore Olson said the latest Ninth Circuit Court decision keeps the US Drug Enforcement Administration from protecting the public.  He said the ruling licenses doctors to treat patients with illegal drugs and that physicians who urge patients to use marijuana are no different than those recommending heroin or LSD."   quote from toad.

    damn since when was marijuana as harmful or even as strong as heroin or lsd. well having tried heroin 2 times personaly i will tell you it is absolutely no fucking way anything like smoking a bowl of bud. i am one for experimenting and all, bieng a large scale grower i really have no say in what drugs people should or should'nt do. however i would never again in my entire life do heroin again! i did 2 caps of like 3 lines each time i did it on 2 seperate occasions and well the effect was complete loss of all motor functions, vomiting ,loss of any kind of awareness and no balance whatsoever. i did not feel good, only like complete ****, :puke: ed like 10 times. lsd, well i have no comment on that because i like it. but MJ and H should in no way shape or form ever be in the same class. they are totaly diferent drugs with totaly diferent properties.

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  8. ToaD

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    I'm cool with it being legal for patients and not the rest of the population as it has to start somewhere. I think that people see pot as something good and helpful instead of something bad. It will still take a great deal of time before it will be sold in bars and such. I don't think that will happen untill the US starts to change their policy's on pot. It could happen sooner if our courts decide that the law violates our charter of rights. I belive they have reserved judgement till November sometime. I'm sure Vancouver will have something worked out by the 2010 winter games. [​IMG]
  9. Mrs B

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    I may just apply for political asylum in Canada!
  10. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Thats what I was speaking of B.

    Doc, marc Emery is a rip-off artist and couldn't grow good bud if Ed Rosenthal was instructing him.

    I have done H, smoked some Tar a couple times, nefver jabbed a needle though. Smoked opium, LSD, X , shrooms, peyote, coke, crack, you name it. None of them are even like smoking the weed. ****, the Klonapin and Lithium I a have to take wreck me more than weed. But, Since the whole refer madness fiasco in the 40's-50's, MJ is scheduled as a class 1 drug. Same as Heroin and Cocaine. I think, but could be wrong that LSD is a class 2 drug. SO their mentality is since its in the same class, it must have the same effects on the individuals who use it, and therefore society as a whole. And we wouldn't want a bunch of REFER ADDICTS running around the country now would we!

    Stupid fucks. There is so much information and research prooving just the opposite. But they naturally turn a blind eye.

    TGhere was a recent study done at Stanford on the intelligence levels of pot smokers, like last year I beleive. The study found that overall the IQ's of individuals who smoke marijuana do not have any drop in their IQ's. While heavy smokers would drop 3-4 points while high, as soon as they came down IQ levels returned to normal. Moderate to infrequent users actually increased IQ points. The study was performed on light, moderate and heavy marijuana users over the course of a 10 year period.

    SO, smoke more pot, it actually makes you smarter...
  11. newfie

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    Useless: your fact about the underground cave is correct, its in flin flon, manitoba. but the weed wasn't bunk. they accually couldn't distribute the weed from the cave for political reasons. one being all the harvests were going under testing and for investigative reports. they couldn't traffic the weed until they had gone through medical testing just like normal medicine is tested.

    all i want to know is how do i sign up!!!
  12. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Newfie, my understanding of it is that the Government wanted a single strain to distribute. PRoblem is, since they used seeds that were from seizures, they had over 180 differetn strains, ranging from 3% THC - 13% THC. Too inconsistent, and mostly undesireable 3% weed.

    Their latest attempt leaves the med users out to dry too. They are saying they wont distribute it because its "too strong"! They took the two most promising strains from the first batch. Now they say the weed is 23-30% THC!

    I just think they are full of ****!

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