Candyland and AK47 in easy organic soil.

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    Figured I'd dedicate a grow thread to these two popular old skool strains. You'll probably notice the small size of my parent plants. Since the winter freeze out I've been pushing the few moms that didn't die pretty hard to produce and it's showing in growth rate. I might get one more round of cuts off the AK parent before needing to retire her.

    Thank you to the supplier of the Candy. It looks to be a robust cut. This is my first time growing/cloning Candyland so hopefully we'll learn a little something together.

    The AK47 has been in the garden for awhile now. A donation from another respected grower. It's the Cherry pheno and never fails to give a good showing of itself in organic soil.

    Here's the set for the morning. Got my cubes soaked in Hygrozyme, sharp snipper, plants, dome, nursery tray lined with moist vermiculite, and of course the ever present plant tags and marker. AK47 on the left Candyland on the right.


    Since I've got other threads showing how to clone I'll just cut to the finished tray. Not many cuts from such small moms but when recovering a lost garden always be cloning. Always. Those 16 little clones are paying rent in a few months. 16 this week, 16 next week, 16 the week after that... in small time growing it all adds up.


    Right after cutting clones is always a good time to prune back moms. Remove any lower growth that will just be wasted energy, small inside branching and any dead wood that won't produce. Your mom plant will look like shit when you're done, but in a few days it'll happily start branching off new clones.

    Here's the AK parent after an extreme pruning. I'll try to remember to get a follow up in a week or so after it recovers.


    This is the Candyland before cutting clones, then again after cutting clones and a good pruning.



    Cheers GK...if there's still anybody out there that is.
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    Two good strains there...they look like they will be yummy!:animbong:
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    Looking real good :)

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    Once in awhile.
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    What's up ResinRubber? Can't wait to see what comes out of those plants!
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