Cannabis vs RF spektrum in the mostly visible frequency subgroup

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    There I was unable to find...I know, right? Unbelievishness :pimp:

    {Wait...possible Alternate post title: visual representation of the shortcomings of LEDs: why LEDs are "great" but "meh" at the same's all about the spektrum bra! }

    So I found, saved, uploaded, smoked a bowl, spent what seemed like hours slaving and editing and writing...

    And here you go:

    Ps I started this about 20 minutes ago... Stoners :Knock it off!:

    Odd how these graph images seem to differ, as if no scientismnists ever actually asked a cannabiscus what kinda light spectrum boosted its hormonious morphisms...

    In a nutshell, LEDs provide a specific frequency, plants need different frequency of light to accomplish different tasks. Much the same as ph in a hydro setup. Stable ph is good, but not really what a plant needs in order to utilize nutrients to their fullest potential.

    The peaks of importance noted (in nanometers nm)

    425nm or 705.394 terahertz
    439nm or 682.899 terahertz
    469nm or 639.216 terahertz
    483nm or 620.688 terahertz
    640nm or 468.426 terahertz
    642nm or 466.966 terahertz
    665nm or 450.186 terahertz
    667nm or 449.464 terahertz

    I wonder if playing music composed of octaves of these frequencies in the audible spectrum would have any effect

    Happy Growin' :pimp:

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.gif image.png image.jpeg
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