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Discussion in 'Advanced Cultivation' started by HeadCase, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    I'm looking for a good 6 in. Carbon filter one that works one that you have used before.any thoughts-Bud
  2. OldSmokey

    OldSmokey Registered Users

    I've only used a 6" Mountain Air. It does an excellent job with odor removal and a moderately good job dispersing small carbon particles everywhere. Could be that it doesn't like the inside to outside air flow direction, but I'm stuck with it. I use a filter bag over it to catch the carbon.

    Six grows though it and it seems to work as good as new.
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  3. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    I used to be in the you get what you pay for camp but when it came time to replace the scrubbers this year I opted for the cheapest ones I could find on amazon. I couldn’t tell you he name of the brand but the 6” can was under $45 and the 8” ones were around $65-75. So far they’re working well-that said none of them I’ve tried will completely eliminate a super fragrant strain beyond 6 weeks or so. It’s doubtful that the elcheapo scrubbers will last as long a CAN or other higher spec scrubbers will but so far so good.

    Good to see you back at it!!

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  4. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    I picked up a 6 inch Phresh -Bud
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  5. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    The carbon dust is generally from high velocity, you could T 2 together might eliminate the need for the sock and increase overall airflow if temps are an issue
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  6. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    I’m curious,why did you chose to push air through the scrubber?
  7. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    I went with
    the phresh because I was reading about carbon filters and it was between Phresh & mountain air the mountain cost more.
  8. OldSmokey

    OldSmokey Registered Users

    Duc, I was looking to use the carbon filter as a muffler too, something it does pretty well. I never gave much thought to the possibility of carbon coming out and now I'm kinda stuck.

    I guess I should have known something was up when the cardboard box that the filter came in had about a teaspoon of carbon loose in it.
  9. 6" Mountain Air is really great in filtering..
  10. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

  11. WeedDicar

    WeedDicar New Member

    I'd Google that. I guess there is a good online shop that sell them.

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