Cheap 20 gallon 8" tall reservoir

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Cultivation' started by friendlyfarmer, May 28, 2014.

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    For those vertically challenged growers who want to run tables, I found an 8" tall black plastic tub at Lowes for $9.95 that holds 20 gallons of water. With a spray painted or otherwise light-proofed plexiglass lid screwed on it makes a perfect 20 gallon res for a 2X4 EnF table.

    Saves me a whopping 7" of grow height as opposed to the standard plastic bin ala nippie, which is 15" tall. Time to lower my tables!!!!

    It holds JUST 20 gallons. Measured it carefully last night.

    This is really key because in combination with Bushmaster and the trellis's I made I can keep from torching my plants like I am doing right now. I have a KQ table that is totally scorched and fucked because they vegged too long then overgrew the space. Week 3 of flower they were hitting the glass, so I hacked them back to like 8" below the glass, and they are still totally fried.

    Anyway, happy find that the cheap 8" tall Superbin holds 20 gallons. :thumbsup:

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    Yeah, the height is getting to be a factor for me too. I always check out the tubs anywhere I go hoping to find just the right one. Seems every time I see one that looks perfect it ends up having pivoting handles on it. They pivot in little holes in the handle offset and are 3 to 4 inches short of the top reducing the water it will hold by 4 or 5 gal. It would hold 18 to 20 gal dry shit but not liquid.

    Does is not come with a lid? I was thinking about maybe trying a mortar mixing tub in the masonry section. And the plexiglass would run 16 to 20 bucks new, soon as I buy new I'll find a piece laying around somewhere.

    I've gotta do something cause that 6 of 7 inches of height is going to be necessary hear soon.

    Be Cool, CG

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    Only thing about the shallow tubs is water level necessary for the pump to run. I fucked up, not paying attention, and bought an auto-shut off pump for the last res. If it pulls the least bit of air it shuts down, not cool. But I've got one becoming available in a week or so. And a couple smaller ones that I could use with a tubing size adaptor, which I have, but I prefer the larger water flow.

    Always something isn't it!!!

    Be Cool, CG
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    No lid for the Supertub. It's advertised for planting flowers, holding firewood, etc. It's very similar to the masonry tubs for mixing cement. I have a few of those doing duty as flood tables. The big difference is the masonry tubs have large radius bottom corners for scooping cement, whereas supertubs are pretty tight, allowing for more volume.

    When I build mine out I'll do a DIY thread with pics. Even with the plexigalss and spray paint AND non-corrosive hinges AND time.... the total cost should be about the same as a store bought res?

    Aw what the hell else am I gonna do with all my spare time. :roffl:

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    Yeah, those store bought resivoirs are just way too expensive. Especially the damn lids. The ones I looked at the tray was nothing compared to the res and lid. But, we find a way.

    Be Cool, CG

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