Cheese x Cotton Candy

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    #1-Strain:> Cheese x Cotton Candy (if I got this incorrect will the donor please correct me in PM)

    #2-Appearance:> 9

    See pic below


    Very very smooth on the palate, almost cooling on the throat. It ends with a sweet hard candy finish. Somewhat I imagine how a good belch would taste after eating a pound of taffy.


    Mild, not a stinky jar unfortunately. A nose-full from the jar gives hints of camembert that reveal the cheese side of the equation.

    #5-High/Stone type:>

    Very very stony. Not for the uninitiated if a session of this strain is planned. Don't toke and least not with this one. Lucid, clear, almost edgy but not. High energy would be the best description. I'd bring this for a day of snowboarding for example.

    #6-Source:> clone

    #7-Price:> N/A

    #8-Potency:> 8

    One hit gives a nice buzz. Share a joint and everybody is happy.

    #9-Overall Rating:>9

    #10-Overall Description:>

    The Overall rating went up because of a few things.

    It's easy to grow and is a really durable plant. It yields heavily in an eight to nine week cycle. Cure time is literally two weeks after drying. Nuggs are tight, well formed and easy to trim. Bag appeal is high because it's a frosty plant. All those eights, and a six, become a nine for a grower when you add in these factors.

    #11-Would you Reccomend:> Absolutely. With great vigor.

    #12-Smokers General Comments:>

    The Cheese x Cotton Candy went through extensive market testing against several strains prior to this review. In trying to minimize the strains cycling in the garden it was placed against; LemonBerry, Chocolate Rain, Mr Astro's Chronic, and Dabney Blue. All buds were supplied by me and were from the same garden cycle.

    In direct bud to bud comparison, Cheese x Cotton Candy was the preferred bud.


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    Sounds nice!
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    Nice looking Buds, Res. aaaannnnnnnnndddd he is back in the game !

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    mmmmmm me wants me some Cotton Cheese

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    You mean cheese X cotten candy [​IMG]

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