Chopstick spotted!

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    Hes crossed over into india guys,maybe hes making his way back to growkind:ponder:

    Indian police are hunting a conman who hypnotised a Mumbai jewellery store worker before stealing 160,000 dollars worth of diamond necklaces and bracelets.
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    [​IMG] Indian police are hunting a conman who hypnotised a Mumbai jewellery store worker Enlarge photo

    Katrina Sunil Purswami, who works at the Seres store in the upmarket Bandra West suburb, was told by the man on Saturday that he wanted to give the gems as a present and persuaded her to bring them to a nearby hotel.
    "When the employee went to the hotel, the accused acted like he was the owner," senior police inspector Prakash George was quoted as saying by the Daily News and Analysis newspaper on Monday.
    "As Purswami was showing him the sets, he asked her to write the details of the sets for him. He then hypnotised her and decamped with the ornaments. Purswami was left confused and could not understand what was going on."
    The officer said the jeweller's store was newly opened and the owner allowed the employee to visit the hotel with the diamonds because he thought he was in line for a large sale.
    Police are studying CCTV from the hotel to try to identify the conman but cameras at the shop were not working, George said.
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    I was saying not long ago, I miss chopstick!
  3. CCrete

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    Say what? Whos Chopstick guys?
  4. TheApprentice

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    A long time GKer who has went AWL but if you knew chopstick that wouldnt surprise you,that guys an international man of mystery,lol,hope yer safe chop wherever you are!:ebert:

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