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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Cultivation' started by Serenity420, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Serenity420

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    Hi guys and gals ,

    Soo in an onset of sudden twisting and curling in Week 3 of veg , got 8 of them in a rdwc system ... Most of crop effected half lost over half foliage so far .. looks a lot like n - tox but I've had them on just water for last 2 days..

    My question is, there is a lot of shit settled on the bottoms of the buckets such as the dust from hydroton balls and some tiny pieces of hydroton it self. My ppm meter is broken so I'm unsure of the levels. Typical I don't need it because with the useless formula things tend to stay in check however with all the shit on the bottom could this be raising the ppm and causing a n tox ?
  2. friendlyfarmer

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    I've had that in rdwc, never really figured it out conclusively and could live with not knowing because they came right back. But you hypothesis sounds as good as mine would be. I'm guessing the roots got hit with a concentration of something bad for short time and the plants geeked out on ya...
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    How much sediment is a lot? If you rinsed your hydroton enough, you shouldn't have all that much dust. The dust can throw off your pH and definitely harm roots.
  4. Serenity420

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    Thanks for the support friendly makes me a little more confident in my current diagnosis .. and thanks juggs

    To answer your question juggs it was a decent amount not a solid layer or anything but def a reasonable amount of sediment along with a dozen or so pellets in each plant site.

    I dismantled and drained and rinsed entire system free of crapola and its been about 24 hours since seem to have greatly slowed if not stopped but I can tell by the bunching that the growth was stunted and it almost looks as though it also had a boron deficiency because there were some brown and I yellowish spots forms on the tip of leaves down bout an inch and looks bunched .. best guess is it prolly all ties into to ppm or ph issue I may have been having from salt build up perhaps .. idk... any input is welcome and I'll keep u up dated hopefully I'll bounce right back
  5. Serenity420

    Serenity420 Begun Flowering

    I also wanna say it's awesome to have gk as support when these random issues pop up .. I'll start to panic and run through all I can think to check and treat with best educated guess but every time I start to panic at first I remember good old gk and all the gkers that are there for support.. lol anyways thought I send out props to all who actively support gkers when in need! You guys are all awesome!
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    You ARE a GKer! :thumbsup:
  7. Grown in Tx.

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    that's what we do here, just remember to pay it forward when your able

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