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Discussion in 'Advanced Cultivation' started by ScottyG420, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    I have 8 cuttings in my aerocloner. They are sitting underneath 3 2' T5 tubes. Is this about right? Or should I be using something other than these T5 tubes?


    I have no idea how in the hell this pic got so big. I don't know how to shrink it either. Sorry 'bout that guys.

    Whattaya think?
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  2. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    YOur way to fucking bright scotty. We are trying to grow roots not leafs. You dont want to use t5 bulbs. If you bound on useing them turn only one of them on.

    I use 2ft fixture with 2 bulbs ge bulb f17t8/xl/spx65/eco

    6500 color temp

    17 watt

    suspend 18 inches above the cuttings. I just now took this pic of a black rose cutting roots in 5 days starting.

    Get those inserts down flush on the caps. I use plummers knockouts (The yellow you see) inside of the little net pots makes the neoprene stay better and they dont shrink as much over time.


  3. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    Thanks T6. I noticed you leave way more leaves on your cuttings than I do. Should I be leaving more leafage on my cuttings? I'll research what a "plumbers knockout" is......uh...what is it dude?
  4. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    Scotty you need to be really selective when taking the cuts. I go for lower branches before I do tops.

    I try to leave at least one good set of leaves not overly large. I get so used to doing it I just tear thrue them as usually I am useing this big cloner so I try to fill it up.


    Scotty plummers knockouts are what plummers use for testing presure on lines. They can be purchased at home depot and come in all sizes. Just take your neoprene insert with you and pick the one that fits snug. They have a knock out that you just hit with a hammer and knock it out and the neoprene slips right in.

    You will see from the pic the caps fit alot better without large gaps when the knockouts are used. Also after about three batches those neoprene inserts will start to shrink and the gaps get bigger allowing water leaks.

    Make sure when you take your cuttings to pick them so you have a node at the bottom where you will make a 45 degree cut.

    Make sure to use plain water no ph

  5. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    This info is priceless because Im still only at about a 25% cloning rate...after 2.5 years of trying to get it right. I've lost at least 4 strains because the clones I took never rooted. Does it look to you like I left enough leaf on the cuttings, or did I cut too much off? Thanks again man. you're really helping me get better at what I'm doing. I do take cuttings from the bottom part of the I guess that's 1 thing I'm doing right.
  6. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    Scotty I ususally shoot 100 % on the clones without even giving it a second thought and there isnt any reason why you should not have the same success rate.

    Also I do clones from flowered plants also if need be with great success.

  7. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    Did I cut off too much leaf on these cuttings in the pic? I just learned what a plumbers knockout is and where I can go pick some up. It's a cap for a pipe, right?

    I have no idea why my success rate is so bad.

    I've read and read and read some more on everything I could find about cloning. From what you've told me and what I've learned from other sources, I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to be doing to get a high success rate.
  8. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    Yes scotty the knockouts go over a pipe. You dont really need them it just upgrades your cloneing system and you can use the neoprene inserts alot longer without replaceing them. They work deluxe.

    Everybody does it there way I have tried to get you into a success ratio so you will have a easier time doing this its really quite simple. Heres another quick rundown.

    Make sure you cut the bottoms out of the little nets so you dont have the roots getting tangled in the nets. This will also allow more spray action getting to the stems.


    taking the cuttings. I select the cuttings on the plants, cut them off and immediately put them in plain water until I have collected all the cuts that I am going to clone. This will help so we dont get any air bubbles in the stems.

    Now laying the clone on a cutting board or whatever trim the clone to one set of leaves as you see on the above clones in the cloner. Last step after the trim cut the 45 degree cut next to the bottom node.

    Immediately dip the end in a root hormone. This will help seal off the end of the cutting. I use dry root tone brand never lets me down.

    Use plain water in the cloner do not ph the water.

    Have your cloner already setup and hurry and get it loaded and turn it on. Set the light to about 18 inches above the cuttings turn it on and you should have it made.


  9. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    OK. One thing I have not been doing is dipping the end of the cutting in root hormone. I was afraid it might clog up my pump in the aero bucket. I absolutely thank you for your patience.

    My hydro store runs out of 2" inserts the same day they put em on the shelf. I have indeed notices shrinking of my neoprene pucks. So I prolly will go get those knockouts.

    I will always keep trying to get my percentage up. :BangHead:

    Thanks again man!

    I think I might have told this story already, but if not, it's slightly amusing. In high school I had a friend who built speaker boxes and had other projects working on stuff for extra money. It was a fun way to spend our days during the summer. He's tell me to start on some part of a project and I'd start cutting or inserting screws or begin wiring something he told me to get going. He had to stop so many times to explain shit to me and fix my mistakes that he wasn't even getting his own work done. He got so frustrated with me that he used to kick me the fuck out of the garage. We were cutting wood once and I broke the chainsaw. I repeat..I broke a chainsaw.
  10. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    ONe thing I left out scotty cleanliness is everything when cloneing. Make sure you clean the hell out of that cloner.


    use hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you clean everything before you start.

    good luck

  11. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    This is definitely something I do to a great extent. I got that part covered.
  12. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    Hey scotty what temp are you running in that bucket cloner??? Let me tell you why.

    I run my cloner which holds five gallons of water at 74 to 75 degrees. In the Summer when its warmer I have to suspend the cloner in a tub of water to keep this cool.

    If your temps rise high 70's to over 80 they wont root worth a fuck and the stems will probably rot out before you get any root action. If your temps are up in the bucket its the pump that is heating it up.

  13. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    A Likely Culprit

    Good call! I'll check on that. I'll need to get a thermometer. I wish there was some way I could check now. Maybe should I put a frozen water bottle in there just in case? What say you? Man, I have had the stems of some cuttings end up just the way you described. They turned to mush when I took them out to examine them. Thanks for thinkin of me dude.

    2 things I'm doing differently this time: I'll be keeping the water temps cooler and monitoring them. And I'm using significantly less light on these clones. I now have them under 2 T5 2' Tubes 18" above the plants. Should I also turn one of these off? These T5s are the lowest lights I have.
  14. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    Scotty dont put any ice in the cloner until you get a thermometer. I like the hot tub floating kind.

    Run only one of those lights over the cloner not two. You really need to buy a cheap two foot cloneing light that runs the bulbs I quoted you above. Its just as important as the cloner.

    Well it might sufice running one light but if your useing 4 ft t5's the bulbs are probably 54 watts a piece.

    My two foot bulbs are 17 watts so two of them would be 34 watts.

    So your running more than both my bulbs only useing 1 t5.

    Id go say 25 inches above the cloner with one bulb if your ballast will run the one separately I think it will. Raising the light will decrease the light.

    OK after you get a thermometer and raise the one light monitor the temp. If your having a hard time keeping the temps down AND WERE OVER 80 Forget it. If were 76 to 78 put a half teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in the water. If the temps stay down dont use the peroxide at all. This will deture rotting of the stems for a while.

    Now keep in mind if they wont stay down you gotta do something differant. Try putting the cloner for instance in a cooler room on a concrete foor next to a cold wall in the house.

    Last resort we either use ice or suspend the cloner itself in a large tub of cool water. i USE MY FUCKING BATH TUB IT WORKS GREAT stays cool for hours and last far longer than ice and holds temps better

  15. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    OK. This is really important info. I didnt know lighting for clones was so specific. Right now the water is cool to the touch. I know thats not exactly accurate, but I guess it's better than if it felt warm. It's -40 F degrees here, maybe I should set it outside for a few minutes. LOLz I could go out and get a handful of snow every few hours and drop in in the bucket.hah hah I am only cloning 8 cuttings, so my pump prolly isnt as big as yours and maybe it doesnt get as hot as some other pumps might. Next time I will be sure to dip the cuttings in a bit of Clonex. as always..thanks so much!
  16. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    A few wks. ago, my 100% dipped to about 50%

    All I can think is the water was way too cold. I don't keep it warm in here, as we have electric fucking heat!

    I'm cutting tomorrow and this time I'll plug-in the heating pad. My temps couldn't have barely reached 60 and I'm sure that's way too cold; I may have lost CM and/or BR.

    I use 4x2' T5's, about 18"-2' from the tops and have never had problems in warmer weather.
  17. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

    I use T12s for cloning and vegging small plants. They are perfect for young and smaller plants. I can literally keep the lights right on top of the plants (touching) without burning them. I bought 5 4' shoplight fixtures from Lowes and mounted them all together to make a 400 watt Fluorescent fixture with 10 bulbs.
  18. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    Ha Ha great minds think alike. I did the same thing only I changed out the ballast to high intensity ones and it almost doubled the light output.
  19. ScottyG420

    ScottyG420 Marijuana Handler

    Gotta start over

    Time to start over. None of the 8 cuttings is showing any signs of root action. Water has been too warm. I need to cut more of the plastic netting out of my net pots and I wanna use those plumber knock-outs as well. Hopefully I'll be able to find some new 2" neoprene discs. If not I can still use the ones I have, they've just shrunk a bit.

    Should I put a few drops of peroxide in the water?

    Thanks again y'all.
  20. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    Scotty what temp is the water??? Dont do anything with your shrunk neoprene inserts until you find some plummers knockouts as they will fit really snug in the knockouts.

    I worried about these smaller cloners as the water volume is not very large and the pump will definitely heat the water. Mine heats the water to a extent but it also holds five gallons of water to the bottom of the sprayer manifold.

    Got a big tub or a bathtub you could put that cloning bucket into?? If you do it will work pretty well.


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