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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by royaldoe, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. royaldoe

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    does any one clone into dirt or is it best to stay with a rockwool cube or rapid rooter plug. I'm low on cash and I need to get going with some clones. I have some Fox Farms ocean forest soil already. I just want to know if soil will work as good.
  2. trillions of atoms

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    u can clone in water, soil or rapidrooters, peat pellets rockwool....theres tons of ways.

    if your low on cash you can get some rooting hormone and stic k them in soil... or really how ever you want. :)
  3. royaldoe

    royaldoe nug lover

    I've got rooting hormone. So the soil will work just as good?
  4. AlienBait

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  5. royaldoe

    royaldoe nug lover

    Thanks guys, thats all that I need to know.
  6. El Campesino

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    Wick Cloner.....

    this is the same thread that I learned to clone from...use this method EXCLUSIVELY and have cloned hundreds of plants with well over 90% success ratio

    it costs NOTHING as you build it in 5 minutes with shit from your trashcan

    I use perlite as a medium...NO cloning solutions....NO humidity dome

    cannot say enough about this method.

    it's also great because you can make a different cloner for each mother plant so there's no confusion later

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