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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by blah blah boy, May 1, 2009.

  1. blah blah boy

    blah blah boy Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    What is the farthest into flowering that I can take clones? I got them on the first week and the clones would be about 4-6"?
  2. WiZaRD

    WiZaRD Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    I've heard of people getting clones up to the third week of flowering. Some strains are very difficult to clone past the first few days.

    Were you asking if you waited till the first week, would they be 4-6" long? There is no way to tell you that without a lot of detailed information about your plant.

    It is ideal to clone all of your plants while in veg, and label them, then you can chose to flower one clone of each, or the original mother to see which are female.
  3. canadian123

    canadian123 hemp ninja

    I would say once the plant starts to vigorously bud your pretty much SOL depending on the strain this will be between 1-3 weeks. I have taken clones during 1-3wks flower and 4-5wks I found the clones I took during the 1st week rooted the same as taking them from a mother. 2nd to 3rd weeks rooted fairly easily a 3-4 days longer then then taking them from my mother....and at 4-5wks didn't work out well at all.

    That's my experience its tough to say each strain is different obviously the sooner you take them the better.
  4. shaitand

    shaitand The Dark One

    Its much better to take clones in veg. But if its too late for that, during the first two weeks is best. After that, you are better off waiting until the plants are done and revegging. Leave the popcorn buds on the plant you want to clone and stick back under 24hr or 18hr light or whatever you are doing for veg. Give it a couple weeks and it will revert back to veg. Then take your clones. As a bonus you can flower the mother all over again.
  5. SirNature

    SirNature Germinated

    you could use the air layer tek. seems a little too techncical for me, but it:bongin: will work for cloning during flowering.
  6. blah blah boy

    blah blah boy Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Thanks everyone.....I am taking them tomorrow. I don't think they are flowering anyway I think I miss read them and they are preflowering, but I all ready stuck them under 12/12 light for a week now. I am simply going to take my clones and keep them under the 600hps and change the lighting to 18/6. So they can get taller.

    What happen was that I was running out of room in the veg side of my cab and when I saw first signs of female I would put into the flower side to make room on veg side.

    But what I must of saw was just the two hairs at the node region.

    They are only 13" tall and would like to get them 3-4' tall when done flowering so I should get them back to veg cause I don't think they will flower 2'. Right? They are growing about 1/2"-1" a day now with half the nutes. I did try full strength a couple of times (FF) and they instantly showed signs of not liking that so went back to half dose and they seem to florish.

    I don't know what the PH is at but the temp is 78 on the veg side and 82 on the flower side.
  7. shaitand

    shaitand The Dark One

    You want them 18-24 inches tall before flowering then. The answer isn't to back off on the nutes the answer is to own your PH. Outside the temp being in kill plant range PH trumps temp concerns day and night. Manage PH first, then get back to tackling your temps.
  8. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    iv revegged flowering plants well into flowering and cloned them revegged the clone and hey presto your growing more of it again,go for it,the mj plant is very adaptable and sturdy in many ways,it coukld stress on ya but iv had no bad luck as of yet.Peace
  9. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Ive cloned plants that are 8 weeks into flower. It just takes ages to root. About 4 to 6 weeks.

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