Cloning with rapid rooter

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  1. Mrgreengenes

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    Cloning with rapid rooters is easy.
    Take rapid rooter and use a drill bit with your fingers make sure there is a hole all the way through. Use cloning gel / powder on stem of cut clone.
    Insert stem of clone into hole and push in until tip almost comes out the bottom. Insert clone in rapid rooter plug into plastic seed tray that is in the cloner tray. Make sure to add ph balanced water. I use 6.8 balanced. Place on heated seed mat and place humidity dome on.
    Should have roots in two weeks or less.
    2D73E93A-4CC8-4DE9-9208-12AE41AD9EB2.jpeg 8C16EC1C-5407-4A09-BBB3-466400C123C1.jpeg 5B0E857F-5076-4948-A073-01D6117A50CB.jpeg BE464A2F-FE80-4139-AF21-AAABD66487EE.jpeg B6E002DD-FC94-4B39-9028-E61909A3EF27.jpeg F9E8544F-2F67-4E19-8601-783606362865.jpeg 9AF649F2-79BE-4B55-BA8A-D12C84E625D5.jpeg
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  2. HeadCase

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    I've been getting roots in 7 to 10 day with 100% success rate beginners luck I guess-Bud
  3. Mrgreengenes

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    Here’s all 40 clones that made it!
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  4. Mrgreengenes

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    This is what the roots looked like 14 days later
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    Those are some healthy roots forsure!
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    I'm goin to the store tomorrow :pimp:

    Thanks for the reminder :bigok:
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  7. Mrgreengenes

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    It’s just to easy to get roots. I’m happy with it.
  8. Green Goblin

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    Are you

    Are you also using rapid rooters?
  9. HeadCase

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    20180225_084154_Film3.jpg 20180225_084154_Film3.jpg

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  10. Green Goblin

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    I feel I should add for the benefit of those who follow, from personal experience...if you let half of them dry out crispy, they're not gonna make it :chef:


    I'm such a jackass :Knock it off!:

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