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Discussion in 'Organic Cultivation' started by Phantasmagoria, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Phantasmagoria

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    There's a product out there called CO2 Boost. Comes in one gallon bucket with a pump and hose. All the ingredients in the bucket are 100% ORGANIC. Has anyone used it? Curious to know if it worked and how good.

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  2. Dank Vapor

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    I bets its, Sugar, Yeast, and they charge you like 20$ for something you can get at a supermarket for like 5$.

    Just like those liquid pipe cleaner liquid at 15$ for 8oz. Iso, Epsom salts, fragrance (hides the iso smell), coloring.

    Just move more air into the grow area and you get more CO2 as a result.
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  3. jollygreen

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    mushroom spores iswhat it be main. guy at the grow shop siad he tried it 2x once in a grow tent with t5 flouros and it made a difference it was a small tent exactly i do not know the other was with a hps 600 watt in the open room and he said " might as well been pissing up a tree" so thats my$0.02:icon_scratch:
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  4. Dank Vapor

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    Any open space is never suitable for CO2. You need an airtight space for the most part and a way to detect the CO2 level so you can dial it in. Too much you will kill the plant.

    You can use those CO2 buckets, but for all the time and effort you will have to put into refilling, cleaning, making the room airtight, etc, it much easier to just increase airflow.

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