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Discussion in 'The 'Kind Kitchen' started by starzandskarz27, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. starzandskarz27

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    so i made some MJ cookies tonight and let me tell dont eat 4 of em at once! but anyways i was in my kitchen and was trying to think of anything i could put through the coffee maker that would extract the thc mixed in coffee grounds? it would have to extract it easily. alcohol i dont see and being an option. haha might make a nice lil bomb tho! anyone ever tried something like that with a sucess?
  2. 420

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    I wouldnt do it, coffee filters are too tightly woven, you might just end up wasteing your bud,

    You should invest in one of those hash boxes with three levels of screens,
  3. starzandskarz27

    starzandskarz27 Established Healthy Roots

    haha yeah thats what i was thinking...worth a thought tho, i have a grinder with a keif catcher but my next toy is gonna be the bubble bag setup :) cant wait!
  4. Wicher

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    Well Iv tried this and it worked. I took 1 ounce of good trim and put it in a blender with cold ice and water. blended very good. Then poured threw cheese cloth. then let it sit for 15 min. At the bottum of the tupperware was all the good stuff. pour out access water then filtered threw a coffee filter. What was left was just over 2 grams of light tan hash. I bet if I was to do it with a better system I could have probly gotten 4 grams. But I was pleased getting 2 grams because I did not have to use no silk screen or anything.(just filtered threw cheese cloth) :punk: I found this technique somewhere on the net.

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