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Discussion in 'The 'Kind Kitchen' started by spewie, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. spewie

    spewie Guest

    How much stuff would I need to cook for one person to get a nice head? I plan on cooking with clarified butter - but not set on this. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 420

    420 KING

    as much as you want really, I would use at least 10 grams for a small meal for one person.:punk:
  3. 420

    420 KING

    Depending on quality of course.

    High Grade: 8 grams

    Mids: 10 grams

    Shwagg: 20-28.5 grams
  4. talltrees

    talltrees A Fat Sticky Bud

    Na dude you don't need that much 2-3 grams of decent mids per person.
  5. 420

    420 KING

    yeah, you might want to tone it down if your a light user. Im 6' 6' 340 lbs so I need that extra kick to really get a good high.

    One time I made tamales withover 16 grams of hash, it was amazing!
  6. talltrees

    talltrees A Fat Sticky Bud

  7. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still

    420 sez: eat all your veggies (and EVERYTHING else)

    Dayummmm!!...........You a BIG BOY!!:surprised: :5eek:

    will you be my bodyguard?:rolleyes2: :help:

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