Could lack of light be the cause of my problems?

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by spinkler, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. spinkler

    spinkler Game On!

    Okay, so a few of you might remember me. I've had this grow vegging for a very long time, mostly due to the fact that my veg lighting is, well, piss-poor.

    The plants started running into some issues a while back, pH was a little bit of an issue but I wasn't sure it should be affecting the plants as much as it was, and then another idea struck me, so let me run it past you guys.

    The lighting I was using for veg was simply a 40w fluro from a fishtank. It wasn't a CFL or anything fancy, and yes, I know how little light this is and I know it really isn't sufficient. Unfortunately I'm tight for funds right now and I'm simply trying to learn the most I can out of growing before getting serious, and I've decided to see how much bud I can get. :)

    Anyway, the bottom half of the plants became VERY sick... I mean, the entire bottom half of the plants are missing all their leaves. Branches come off the main stem but have nothing on them, it's not a very pleasant sight. :( But the tops of the plants look mega healthy and VERY happy!

    I'm not really looking to 'fix' this problem as such - my plants are already flowering and have been for two weeks and I fear that I won't get anything out of the bottom portion of the plants no matter what I do. Regardless, I'd like to learn everything I can from the experience and my question is as follows: Could the majority of my issues be due to the fact that the bottom portion of the plants simply did not get enough light? I understand pH may not have helped but should it have been this drastic?

    I know photos would help a lot, tell me if anyone needs them and I'll try to get some, provided people promise not to laugh at my poor plants. :p I'm not a green-thumb at all, hehe.

    Oh well, next grow I'll have some better lighting and I'll try out the hempy buckets in an attempt to get more direct control over things. I found soil very difficult to work with, and I think I'll have more luck when I get direct control over things like pH. I also think that being a novice and working with a medium like soil really screwed me up, and working with a medium that won't retain so many nutes/salts etc might really work out well.

    Anyway, sorry for the long essay. I hope someone can answer my question and maybe offer any pointers for my grows in the future. I haven't posted here too often out of sheer embarrassment after my grow went kind of sour, but I'll try to be more involved in future, and thanks again for everyones help along the way! :bong2:
  2. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    Hey Spinkler!

    No reason here to be ashamed, man! It's a GROW site- it's what we are ALL here for, right? To help eachother out...

    Pics are always a help, BTW, so if you can get some shots, that would be great.

    No one's gonna laugh at you... No one laughed when i showed my "problem planties" at veg day 50 (see my gallery for more pics of those mg issues...) and all turned out ok in the end.

    So get us some pics, and hopefully we can assist!


  3. tattooking

    tattooking IN FULL FLOWER

    We are only here to laugh with you because if we are all here to help each other it wouldn't be very cool to down someone having problems with their girls. So can we have some pix?

  4. Toker2

    Toker2 Looking at a hot ass

    More light, If you get a 1/4 oz i would shit myself.

    Your other problems Hard to say but without more light the Point is mute
  5. SecretGrower420

    SecretGrower420 Baked as fuck

    It's the lack of light for sure. Those branches must really be shaded out.

    Go get a 2ft T5, they cost about $30 and are a high output fluro, and they are easy to mount anywhere.
  6. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    Are you flowering with that 40w?

    I just so happen to be the author of some very good posts on growing with small tubes are ur friend with 250w hps for 70 bux from home depot you too can produce calendar material. Search and search and search mo fleen!

    Happy Growin' :pimp:

    As has been said...don't be ashamed of not having anything really "cool" most of us have been there!
  7. spinkler

    spinkler Game On!

    Well I'm not so ashamed of my setup - Have to make do with what you got! :)

    I was, however, ashamed that I'd let my lovely ladies go this bad.. You'll see why with the poor bottom branches.

    No, I'm not flowering with the 40w, I got myself a nice 100w CFL but it only outputs the correct spectrum for flowering so it's not so great for veg, and that's what it's using now.

    I thought I'd sent the old soil bad when trying to adjust the pH, so 2 weeks prior to flowering I repotted the girls in some nice fresh stuff.

    Check out the pics below, have a laugh at their sorry state with me, and feel free to offer any advice.

    Also, before offering advice please bear in mind that for my next grow I intend to ditch the soil and use hempy buckets, and I also intend to get another 100w CFL in the veg spectrum (to start with, anyway. I'd like to move up to using 2-3 of these at a time, but that would be my limit).

    Ventilation in the area is very low - I do have a fan but it doesn't oscillate, and ventilation isn't really an option because I'm renting, so I can't hack apart the grow space. It's about the perfect temperature in there, though. :)

    Anyhow, on with the pics! Sorry if they don't fit on your screen or anything, but the file sizes aren't too large. :)

    The top of each plant, not looking too shabby considering the condition of the bottom half of them:




    Here you can see my problems:


    The top of the tallest:

  8. Mr. Gardener

    Mr. Gardener Full Flowering

    As the distance from the light increases, the intensity of the light decreases.
  9. the_red_bull

    the_red_bull Guest

    Considering the setup, looks like you're doing as well as can be expected.
  10. nuggnester

    nuggnester Pot & Poker Enthusiast

    Common man, be the best

    Do the best with what you can, some of those plants are 6-15" away it seems...move the plant do the them around it. you want the light to be inches away, so get it inches away from all of them...can you not afford 20 bucks? you'll get AT LEAST twice as much bud if you egt some more flouros...get on it mayn! good luck.:thumbsup:
  11. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    Yep, not too shabby for what ur working sure to remove the dead stuff before it falls onto ur soil. Being light starved they will be prone to infection aand infestations. Keep ur area clean.

    Keep posting pics as you go so peeps can see what happens flowering under that one flo. Not many peeps do this let alone take pictures so it'd be good to have on this site.

    Happy Growin' :pimp:
  12. the_red_bull

    the_red_bull Guest

    I'm starting to think that maybe you got a deficiency goin on a little bit with the way the edges of your leaves are lookin tho..
  13. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest


    The look nitrogen dificient feed them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. nuggnester

    nuggnester Pot & Poker Enthusiast


    MG def.
  15. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    If they are N defficient I'm santa clause.

    Ur loss of leaves is more than likely due to ur ph issues and possibly underwatered a time or two?

    If they we're n def the new growth would be pale green.

    Could possibly be mag def but that's usually the first to show when ph issues arise from my experience. Depending on which way the ph is swingin'.

    New growth looks good so keep doing what ur doing. You said u just repotted? How much smaller were their last pots? Be careful not to over/ under water them and you should keep the ph problems at bey.

    Happy growin' :pimp:
  16. spinkler

    spinkler Game On!

    Well, the soil pH was a little high quite a while ago, so I used some sulphur to try to get control of it. Being a novice I went about this the complete wrong way and I ended up with quite a few little sulphur deposits in my soil... Needless to say - lesson learned.

    So.. The last lot of soil ended up pretty acidic. I repotted them in these exact same pots after washing them out and getting some fresh soil. I just didn't want them flowering in that old crap.

    So now I have fresh soil, I'm not going to add any nutes, they should get plenty from that I presume, at least for the first 4-5 weeks of flowering, am I right to assume this?

    Anyways, considering the top growth looks good, I'm just giong to keep it up.

    Please forgive the silly question, but why exactly are leaves no good for the soil? I presume they break down and release excess nitrogen, etc?

    Unfortunately I don't have the room in the cupboard to circle them around the light, so I'm keeping as many tops as close to the CFL as I possibly can.

    Oh, also.. They were possibly under-watered. The old soil (and the new soil for that matter) doesn't have the best drainage (lesson learned, again), and I couldn't water as often as I wanted to due to risk of keeping the soil too damp for too long.

    After learning so much this time around I'm really looking forward to my next grow. Thanks again guys, keep up the good advice! :D
  17. the_red_bull

    the_red_bull Guest

    I'm leaning with nuggster on that. Magnesium. Of course it would start to look N deficient into flower, but later on and when it does all of the lower stuff would yellow first as nitrogen is a mobile element.
  18. spinkler

    spinkler Game On!

    So if it's a magnesium def, is it worth feeding them? Considering I don't have the hang of feeding them yet, I'm worried I may do more harm than good.. Nutes kinda scare me at this point, lol.

    I mean obviously if the plants are deficient I'd want to feed them, but at this point I'm weighing up my pros and cons. What if it turns out not to be an Mg deficiency? Will that harm the plants? Maybe I should just feed them a tiny amount.. I'm unsure.

    It may sound silly, but I find it a little hard to find suitable nutes at stores simply because there's such a massive range, and half the brands you guys get over in the USA we don't get here in AU. Will a little fish emulsion fert do the trick?
  19. the_red_bull

    the_red_bull Guest

    Depends on how far into flower you are and how long they need to finish. You want to give them about two weeks to flush anything out.
  20. Mr. Gardener

    Mr. Gardener Full Flowering

    Go ahead and feed them. Just don't overfeed them. If you use only half or even a quarter of the recommended amount then you should be ok.

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