CYCO Platinum Series Nutrient Line With Canna Coco

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  1. Discorilla

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    Here's an update for the CYCO Platinum Series. I am 15 days away from harvest now. The mite battle has been a real pain in the ass, but two weeks from now I will be able to sanitize that room completely. I know my photos don't really do the line as much justice as I would like them to. It's been hard to find something that works well for mite control on the flowering side of things. I'm hoping switching to Guardian Mite Spray will do the trick for the future...

  2. Justcheckingitout

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    I would def say this thread will prove the product is worth the money. The plants got a premium look to them.
  3. Discorilla

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    For the constant attacking of mites, the Nutrient line has seemed to help the plants mature, regardless. I definitely am going to do another Coco run with the Platinum Series once the mites are erradicated.

    I have heard that this is not the best nutrient line for tables, though. I've been told by one of my associates that the Platinum Series has pH drifting in a reservoir...

    Hand watering and Coco/Hempy Style would be the way to use this line!
  4. Discorilla

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    Twenty of these on one of the CYCO Plants:

  5. Justcheckingitout

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    "Raise your fist and yell"

    So you feel this line would be better in soil? If you do a next run, what do you feel you would tweak with the set up?
  6. Discorilla

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    I think this is better in a Coco/Soil-less medium. Next time, I would run a Screen over each of the 15 gallon pots, and put one plant under one light. I feel like I crowded my plants a bit this round, and that may have been why I had such issues getting the Mite population down.

    The other thing that I want to do now, is have separate grow tents instead of one room for flower. If I am cycling out tents, it will give me a chance to do a full scrub and spray down with Floramite before each round of flower in the tent. I am thinking 3 5x5 tents with 600-1k HPS in each, or one of those tents would have LEDs running to test different brands out there.
  7. Discorilla

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    Here's a harvesting time photo with a MorBloom bottle held against it to give you guys a size comparison:


    That's a huge bitch!
  8. Justcheckingitout

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    Oh, yummy bud! They look pretty dense.
  9. Discorilla

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    It's quite a heavy plant once you get it chopped!
  10. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    Nice looking bud. That one in the back is leaning pretty good too.

    Looks like those nutes are the working good.

    Be watching for the mite-free grow.
  11. Discorilla

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    I'm slowly working my way through the flower garden and then the room will be sanitized from top to bottom. The nutes did a very good job of keeping the plants growing while they were under attack.

    The veg tent has zero mites in it, and they will be getting an application of Floramite before I put them into flower. Floramite stays in the system for 6 weeks, so with a deep clean, I shouldn't have mites anymore. This will be followed with applications of Guardian Mite Spray and neem to prevent future outbreaks.
  12. nippie

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    so whats your thoughts on cyco?

    you still running it? store was trying to get me to switch but i'm liking cutting edge at the momentm but wanted to know if you still are using them
  13. Discorilla

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    Nope, I'm running Nectar for the Gods as my nutrient regiment.I have always preferred Natural/Organic over Hydro.

    As far as the line goes, I have enjoyed very good results with it. They are Food Grade nutrients, too.

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