deep fried buds

Discussion in 'The 'Kind Kitchen' started by starzandskarz27, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. starzandskarz27

    starzandskarz27 Established Healthy Roots

    i used fresh critical mass buds and put the deep frier on the lowest setting. put some fetta cheese in with the bud rolled it around in the batter and tossed em in the deep frier. some of the things that goes on when im stoned haha! but anyways this worked! not too bad tasting either;)
  2. AlienBait

    AlienBait Custom User Title

    Pot Tempura! :idea: Cool, I'll have to try that!

    :new_bluegrab: :animbong:
  3. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    I got the idea that some dry tomato chopped up in it would taste good too...

    Do you think that would add?
  4. starzandskarz27

    starzandskarz27 Established Healthy Roots

    yeah i was thinking maybe next time ill make potsticker style ones and make the pesto out of MJ...tomatoes would be a nice little add to that too!
  5. GeoKitty

    GeoKitty Guest

    Had you just come from the State Fair or something???

    'Cause they batter and deep fry anything!!!!!

    Pot Tempura! I love it!!
  6. starzandskarz27

    starzandskarz27 Established Healthy Roots

    hahaha yeah they do! those funnel cakes are somethin else let me tell ya! maybe i should open up my own stand next time the fair comes around lol have a secret pot menu :icon_joker:
  7. the monster xxx

    the monster xxx delta-9-THC

    if someone asks you what the special is, you could say "everything!":punk:

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