DIY Light Trap Louvers

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    Credit for this idea goes to jojo677>420 short list: corner guards flat black spray paint scissors/saw hot glue gun/glue sticks This project uses nail on plastic corner guards that are used to protect the paint on outside wall corners.. I found the corner guards at HD in the paint dept.. ... I'm using the 1" wide corner guard for the frame sides, and 5/8" for the louvers.. First you need to spray both sides with flat black paint..... Start by gluing the 1" frame together at the bottom... I found that it's better to not glue the top together in the beginning... make sure the sides and bottom pieces are square.. After gluing up the first 1/2 dozen or so louvers you begin to figure out what works best... I marked the inside of both sides of the 1" where the top of a louver should fall... The first louver is glued across the bottom to prevent a light leak there... That let me work from the backside, using .187 in. spacers and tacking the louver at the corners... Then turned it over aligned and glued it, again with spacers.... Spacers and having the alignment line on the 1" helped me keep every thing fairly straight and level, so far..... This is a take your time project.... I'll post again when it's finished..The size is 8"x at least 12" tall, or however many louvers i've cut..






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    Nice little DIY project. I like it!:bravo:.

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