Don't Talk to Police

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    I'm not sure if this has been posted in the past or not so forgive me if it has.

    This video is WELL worth the viewing for everyone no matter the circumstances. When they say "you have a right to remain silent".....EXERCISE THAT RIGHT. Always.

    Don't Talk to Police
  2. ResinRubber

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    Excellent advice.
  3. mt.king

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    :rofl: just called them to report rippers on the out door green house plants they followed the trail of leaves 3 blocks where the guy next to where they loaded up writes down every plate that parks next to the foot bridge... then went to the house of the car & found leaves in the car then kicked the door in & busted the ones i knew did it & the 5 other tweekers/meth dealers that they have been after for 2 years...:rofl: good thing i put them out to keep em from busting in to the real indoor.. i figuered that would be best to put a few out so they wouldnt bust anything or get equipment:rofl: ilost about 2 pounds well it would have been in 4 weeks just fed them a dose of food so it would have tasted bad any way P.S.the popo asked if they could keep it for evidence & counted wat was left and said good your in compliance & dont have too manny... i said if the state is gonna let me do it im gonna stay that way,& the day that they say i cant is the day of my last harvest:siskel:
  4. mt.king

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    police big city or small town

    :icon_scratch: i still feel guilty for reporting a burglery cause all of my life its been ingrained in me that they are bad & dont trust them... i still domt trust them now that ive been around i find smal town cops for the most part do tend to show more respect and big city cops are strait evil bastards... we got a sherrif that used to take the beer from my step brother & bring it to me and turnhis eye to the weed smokers.. all the kids in townsay he still does but i never forget he is still a cop :icon_scratch:
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    Always good advice Herb
  6. mt.king

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    AND YES RES ALWAYS GOOD ADVICE:thumbsup: :passit: :bong2: :passit: :fly:

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    not the police but the The Police

    this is a cool site but I am not asking anyone to patronise this site. I have read the regs and your site does not allow any kind of that, I have seen other people put clips of things pertaining to reef, so I thought this would be fine.

    south africa is just too quick on the wickets, 114-1 wtf England?????????????

    their raking up loads of half centurys, bloody 118-1.

  8. Toker2

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    As shultz said

    I see nothing

    I hear nothing

    Heir Jonnys ass, Now fuck off and ask my lawyer
  9. rangers420

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    wow 764 hits
  10. TheApprentice

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    Talkin to cops is a death wish round these parts..

    I confirm my name and adress and from that moment on its no comment all the way and then when taken to court i make no plea or declaration,get remanded till trial then i start playing chess with my lawyer with the prize being my liberty. Well not these days but thats how it used to be.Know your rights people.You can refuse searches and certain warrants,etc, Always check the name and date on a warrant.My home got busted once with my brothers name on the warrant and i didnt check it out but my lawyer saw it and got all charges dropped,same thing goes with the date as a warrant is only valid for certain periods of time.We got a security 101 gthread in beginners that has some useful links and info on this type thing.Peace:potleaf:
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    (nice avatar, TA)
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    Designer innit... from the 2010 TC winter collection

    Its an original CARPENTER creation:eusa_snooty: Claystreet's soooo last decade:smoke2: Just messing Clay mi amigo:pimp:

    BTW the siths are the good guys,Lucas got it all twisted:bduh: See us siths dont need to go to Jedi training to learn the force,we just blaze our sith weed and feel the force.The force has many possibilites but the Jedi want to control and limit the force,'prohibition' of the force to the masses and their councils control it as they see fit.Us siths have greater knowledge through smoking the force and we wanna spread the force and crush the senate and all other elite nations.Dont cast up the death star.that was a propoganda coup for the jeds cos it was in actual fact Dank Vaders new mega bong:bong: The fact it destroys planets was merely an added bonus:icon_biggrin:

    Join the darkside and rise up against the sheeplle jedi's using their feeble mind control on you all.Fear leads to the darkside this is true but the darkside leads you to learning how to grow and smoke the force.As i once was quoted in a lucasmotionpicture as saying

    Darth Maul

    • "Fear. Fear attracts the fearful. The strong. The weak. The innocent. The corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally."
    :rofl: Im :mashed: Tonight.Got hold of some real deal g13(hashpalnt v mr nice)... but fuck this stuff is like huge lollipops from the sfroman video ,its dried and cured to perfection better than any weed iv ever cured thats for sure. 2 pipes and 2spliffs and im 'in the zone'... mind you i am a bit of a mild toker cos iv got my kid now but when UBB comes round we have a good chong session and we both thought this shit was Amsterdam grade,in fact better! No exagguration,its that good. The guy gave us a half oz for price of a qrtr plus he gave us a qrtr just for the fact we gave him seeds a while back.RESULT.This wee stoner moment brought to you by the SITH MOD:evil3:

  13. rangers420

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    Oh For Fucks Sake
  14. TheApprentice

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    Yup thats what i used to think every fuckin time i used to read an old member called Geheims posts. Im not comparing you to him of course~:icon_wink:
  15. johard59

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    Marijuana growth secret

    yes the main thing is to maintain the secret for growing, not only from the police, even to the close friends, right, why to get trouble,

    but i dont know what about the legalized states , is it possible to grow
  16. Toker2

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    Sorta....the Supream Court Ruled we have to Inform them we are exercising our Miranda...not sure what the difference is but it was in the news last week?
  17. wwboy

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    ALWAYS!!!! say noootthiinnggg !!!! to police...1/2 of there job is to get you to incriminate yourself/fess up or just make a stupid lie to help there case against you....for example.........a guy buys a bag of pot off ya....this guy says to to the police when arested for possesion ...ok ill tell you where i got it and that he grows pot in his basement....cops come over...knock on yer door...they say to you we are so en so police dept and have knowledge of yer grow op in the basement....we are here to check it out and what not or we will detain you while we get a warrent.....(do not let them in!!!)...ever watch crime 360??? most evey case is solved due to someone sayen they know this er that fast as persons say i cant say shit without a lawer present they get mad...say shit i have to let the guy go home now..then pops up on the end trailers that the case was never solved and if you have info please contact em..if they have a warrent your door will get kicked should still say nothing without a lawer...let them work for there money ..dont make there case for em...even if yer a legal grow op just (WAIT) fer yer lawer to speak for ya....the sec you say i cant say nothin with my lawer they HAVE to end the interrorgation by there own laws....dont say have EVERYTHING to gain.
  18. ResinRubber

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    Funny this comes up again. It's a point that does need to be driven home due to the nature of our "hobby" and always bears repeating.

    On the advice of my attorney (and in common sense), when stopped or detained by LEO say nothing. They get your name and ID if they request it and the phone number of your attorney if you have one then it's complete silence.

    Even on a simple traffic stop don't talk with the officer. Ever hear the question "Do you know how fast you were going? Or, "Do you know why I pulled you over sir/maam?" A simple "no officer" is all they should get.

    What they are doing is buttressing their case in the event you challenge the ticket in court. Any admission of wrong doing or provable lie you tell gives them more strength in front of a judge.

    So the rules are:

    1. Shut up! If arrested or detained immediately request an attorney then shut up again.

    2. Calmly deny any request for a search of your person or property.

    3. DO NOT PHYSICALLY RESIST. Cops dig fucking you up and will always win.
  19. emilyblunt

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    The best advice ever. If you get caught, don't talk to the police then lawyer up.
  20. ducrider

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