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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by stickyicky24, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. stickyicky24

    stickyicky24 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    So since I'm bout to axe my girls in a week or so I've been racking my brain with drying options. In the end, using my tent that I flowered in is the best/only option due to the smell. All but 2 or 3 of my plants will be ready to go by next weekend probably. But the other few would certainly benefit from a few days or another week of flowering. I frequent IC as well as this site and have read endless threads on this. Alot of the state that total darkness is not required for drying and the 12/12 cycle of a flowering room will hardly degrade the THC in the drying buds. If this is the case, then its perfect because I can let the ones go I would like to continue. But if you guys disagree then I will just chop all on the same day. The other benefit of using the tent and not chopping is I just flushed 3 of them today so they will only have a week long flush if taken same day as the rest, which will have 11 days of flushing. But I used clearex to flush and I also flushed them about 2 weeks ago before their final 1-2 feedings. Sorry long post but what do you guys think????
  2. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    I dont think the light will cause them any harm.
  3. MK-Ultra

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    Leaving the plants in the light will help it break down the chlorophyl(sp?) For a nice smooth smoke.
  4. nuggnester

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    leaving them in the light won't hurt? how much does the light help break down cholorphyl?

    I left one of my chops in the same room as my other girls who were finishing...temps about 75 maybe...WAY too hot...I grew the most beautiful bud and almost ruined it because it dried in about 4 days...I was so mad at myself...sucked balls to smoke taste wise...i was unbelievably dissapointed...I believe this to be a much overlooked and not perfected topic of MJ growing..because no one has a good answer...I think I might dry my next bud at like 50 degrees with a bit more air flow than usual (to fight off mold)...what do you guys think about that? Ideally it wouldn't dry completely for maybe two weeks..then right into the cure jars of course....I bet it would be so smooth...like ice!:thumbsup:
  5. MK-Ultra

    MK-Ultra Excommunicated

    The plants are still alive for a good 2-4 days after chopping. It helps a good deal in breaking down the phyl. Just have to be careful not to over do it in a hot room.
  6. skunkrnaught

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    I just hang them in the garage, Its not total darkness and they hang for week then off to the jars.

  7. stickyicky24

    stickyicky24 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Well I thought I had a new plan that was perfect. I was just going to drape a tarp inside my tent with half of my scrubber on the tarp side and hang everything on that side so that it scrubs and stays dark........but now the temp issue has me tricked. It will be 78 in there for 12 hrs. so I'm guessing that will dry things too quick. So it's looking like it's back to the plan of having to chop everything at the same time, which means that I'm gonna have to take 2 of my girls a little early when they could go 10 or 11 weeks and and that 3 of them will only have a 7 day flush. I did use Clearex to flush, but I've heard mixed reviews on whether it does anything of value to speed up the flush. I'm pissed this is suppose to be the best part, not stressful!!
  8. teamster6

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    sticky put your chopped plants that are ready in a differant place with some ventilation to hang. Then you can finish out the other girls. I would not chop the others early just to dry in the same room.

  9. ozzman667

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    dehumidifier in the room

    anybody know if it would dry them too quickly if you have a dehumidifier in the room with them?no big deal to turn it off,but if it helps with the mold possibility i'll leave it running.i'm talking about with the already chopped--not in the grow area.
  10. stickyicky24

    stickyicky24 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Teamster, the problem is the smell. These AK's f'n RRREEEEAAAKKK. It's gotten so bad the last week through my filter and like 10 ONA blocks placed all over the house. It would be my Strawberry Haze and Cheese that would be getting taken early this weekend which will be about 65 days. The Cheese should be done and might be its just not that developed, and the SH I would love to let go 11 weeks just don't want to sacrifice all the other plants and my safety (smell is bad) for just a plant or two. Especially since the Cheese is looking less than impressive and the SH, although it smells nothing short of INCREDIBLE and is going to yield a ton, has had nothing but poor reviews. So unless I shell out for another scrubber the smell will just be too much to handle. The paranoia is mounting at the end of this grow as they are some smelly girls. And I would just let them all go to ten then chop them all but then the AK's would just have too mujch amber IMO.
  11. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    I dry in a room with a dehumidifier only because its very humid in there in the summer months. It stops mold. If it's not need dont do it. The slower the drying the better. I like to take about a week before things go into jars.
  12. Dixie Hicky

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    Really? Now Im good and confused...I thought we needed DARK for drying?

    Aw jeeeze...

    From what Ive learned by experience so far is...it all dependes on ho0w hbumid your place is. I live in the SE USA and our humidity has been WAY up in the 90's since we've had huge volumes of daily rain....;my plants cant dry even in a drying box with a fan. I oredered a "mini; humidifier" which I hope will arrive today.

    Without it, my "dried" buds are still pliant, and god forbid...smell like amonia! After two weeks of the box and two weeks of the curing box!

    I think it ALL depends on where you live and the ambient humidity. If you live in Nevada...NO problem! If you live in the SE....whole nuther problem. If the air you're breaqthing happens to be 85 % or higher...you WILL have problems drying.

  13. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Im not too sure on the light breaking down chlorophyll seeing as it dies if there is no light, but it wont do any harm.
  14. MK-Ultra

    MK-Ultra Excommunicated

    Darkness does help the drying process. I only leave my plants in the room 2 days after chop then its off to a dark cool ventilated environment. Leaving it in the light for a day or two after the chop allows the plant to carry on its biological processes and since there arnt any more roots or nutes it burns up what is left in the plant.
  15. morel

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  16. mt.king

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    drying in the flower room

    when i moved in the room i now use for flower had wires hung with eye bolts in 3 ft rows al around the top half of the room... its above the lights on the walls and make a handy drying spot ... i hang them for 3-4 days then trim the buds off the stalks. then put them ona rack with screened trays till there ready for gallon jar cureing:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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