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Discussion in 'Outdoor Cultivation' started by Deadweed, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Deadweed

    Deadweed My Plants 2 weeks Flower

    Shit my plants are starting to flower at 2 and a half months old and they both look male. I know I know, hard to tell give it more time. but I'm not seeing hairs, and they look like stubby fat balls with ridges in them. I gotta tell ya it ain't looking good. Thank god I have a baby seedling as last resort. Please tell me people make this mistake at pre-flower and if I wait another week I could be wrong. I hope I am. It's funny my brother's plant the one I took in, it's smaller and way more stretched out than mine but it looks healthier leaf wise, has bigger pre-flowers AND it's FIRST alternating node at the top. But it means nothing if it's a male other than me chopping up the whole plant and cooking it with butter to make a weak cannabutter.

    It's odd these flowering now. I still get 14.7 hours of light up here. Though I've been told they can flower as high as 16 hours light. I also read 12/12 is more guidelines for indoor growing or forcing flower.
  2. Deadweed

    Deadweed My Plants 2 weeks Flower

    DUDE I just moderately high smoking quick dried leaves off my two plants. The first plant which I grew from seed was a pretty good bud, bagseed. It was the ONLY seed I found in the whole dub bag. So most likely it was well grown bagseed too with very good genetics. So even though may be male leaves, it has good genes and will produce higher than average THC. Or if I got high off a few leaves, maybe the plant has higher chance at being female? Needs thoughts. Help a brotha out.
  3. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    Not to burst your bubble, but you can't be getting high smoking fan leaves.

    You're also not going to get anything from making butter with fan leaves, but butter.
  4. Deadweed

    Deadweed My Plants 2 weeks Flower

    I swear on my fucking life I did. And there is too many people online saying they have tried it and it works. There is also THC in every part of the plant even roots and seeds though less than .01%. But until it buds the the vegetative shoots (tips) of the main stem and branches are the most potent plant parts. And you're not bursting my bubble because I am high right now and just because you dont believe or have enough evidence or false evidence doesn't make me not high. I know I'm high and I'm not crazy or feeling placebo. I am H-I-G-H
  5. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior In The Spirit Realm

    I've gotten a slight buzz from smoking leaves. Granted this only happened when I hadn't smoked any ganjah in a looong time. Tastes like shit, produces headaches and the little baby buzz doesn't last long though.

    Edit: the number of seeds in your bud hints at only a few simple things, genetics not being one of them except that maybe you got hermie buds. Other things this can tell you is the amount of pollen introduced to the bud. Lots of seeds=equals lots of pollen. Few seeds=little pollen, no seeds= no pollen.

    I was also just thinking, and no offense, dude, but if you're smoking male fan leaves and got high, you may be experiencing a placebo effect, although the leaves CAN contain other cannabinoids that may have an effect, it aint likely you got it from a male plant, and it also doesn't necessarily mean a female will produce higher than average THC content or potency.
  6. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Yes I've heard you can get a small buzz from some male plants, but it's worst than brick weed. Unless you are planing on making seeds than get rid of the males.
  7. Deadweed

    Deadweed My Plants 2 weeks Flower

    This buzz has been going strong one hour now.

    But see MrAstro even one of your forum users admits to getting a buzz off it. I'll be honest, I tried this last week and I didn't get high, tried it again this morning, and it took me to smoke a few leaves, but after one joint and a few bowl packs I got very high. But yes it's shitty, harsh, and probably has more CBD to THC ratio, but the point is it got me high, for a while so far. It blows my mind away to see how closed minded the cannabis community is. not just you or here, but in a lot of places.
  8. Deadweed

    Deadweed My Plants 2 weeks Flower

    Hmm well I don't 100% know if they are males.
  9. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    I wa speaking in general. I should've been more specific.

    What I'm sayin' is that it's not worth the trouble and I certainly wouldn't waste my time making butter, but I have a feeling you will.

    More power to you.
  10. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior In The Spirit Realm

    I agree with this. Just let the plants grow up, mature and see if they produce buds when you put them in flower mode. If they start growing pollen sacs.. either get rid of them or keep the pollen for making seeds later.
  11. Deadweed

    Deadweed My Plants 2 weeks Flower

    Yes I would, because I dare to push the envelope, I dare to try which is more than I can say for a lot of pot growers. And if I fail and it never gets me high, oh well, I still appreciate the taste of pot as food and will probably eat it anyway. Else just seems silly to chop it down and throw it away, make some fucking hemp and make a necklace for god's sake.

  12. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior In The Spirit Realm

    You'll probably get further going this route than with the butter, but if you just want some cannabis leaf flavored butter, go ahead and let us know how it is.
  13. Deadweed

    Deadweed My Plants 2 weeks Flower

    Well I know pretty much how it will taste. When I make pot cookies, after cooking the bud with butter, I'll leave the wet greasy bud in the cookie dough, takes like calligreens, very dark green flavor to it. But I think it's an acquired taste.
  14. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun


    AH...the circle of pot life. Just because we know something doesn't work means our minds are closed and research is warranted where it has already been done........for thousands of years........

    Good luck Dead, but you are just repeating the mistakes of our ancients. The DARE guys used to tell us you could get high off of banana peels....I laughed at them too.
  15. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    You just gave me an idea.

    I remembered to pick-up some bananas (K is low and my feet are cramping terribly at times). I haven't smoked in over 3 wks. (pending job). I'm sure the don't test for bananas!

    I'm drying some post haste!

    Thanks Lion :thumbs-up:
  16. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Don't forget frozen Juicy Fruit gum! :roffl: I remember late60's early 70's trying the banana and Juicy Fruit things. Waste of time. All you got was frozen gum and stinky ass banana peels.

    Dead, sounds like you talked your brain into thinking it was stoned.

    I know this dude that was a rip off dealer in the late 70's. We were at someone's house and he showed up to make a deal with somebody. They had some really nice Columbian Red and this rip off dude had put some regular old pot in the oven with some food coloring before they came over, then tied them on some sticks and was selling about 100 of them to the other guys. They laid out the Columbian for us to smoke and wanted us to smoke the " Thai Stick" with them. We said no, that's alright. I like the taste of the Red. They LOVED the shitty stuff. Mind over matter is a powerful thing.

    And, no, I didn't say a word. Wasn't my deal and I didn't know them from Adam.
  17. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior In The Spirit Realm

    you CAN get high from banana peels. You have to have a lot of them and do something to get the chemical. I think it's pectic acid or something like that, you have to cook it out somehow, can't just go smoking banana peels. If that's what he told you then yes, he was mistaken.
  18. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Wrong. Check Erowid or Snopes. The whole smoking banana peels thing was a joke first put out there by a college newspaper in the 60's. Just like smoking fan leaves, you CAN NOT get high by processing a banana, its peel, or any other variation there of.
  19. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    I WAS going to point that out, but, coming from, I knew it would be taken the wrong way, AGAIN, and I'd once again be the villian.

    I remember, as a kid, friends trying that. I took a few hits and decided F*#k that!

    I also can't see anything poitive re: not straining when making butter. That's worse than putting ketchup! :puke:

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