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    I gotta say the feds really are a bunch of loons,in this statement they are actually trying to prosecute ed rosenthal for not filing tax returns on his MJ INCOME!!WTF??"Oh shit man i aint been keeping my receipts of who iv been supplying either wtf am i gonna do?FEDS/DEA=:dickhead:'s!Good to see old tommy chong raising ed's funds...good on ya tommy,but whats this about ed being an officer...do they mean a police officer:icon_confused: Peace:smokin:

    A federal judge dismissed money laundering and tax charges against "Guru of Ganja" Ed Rosenthal on Wednesday, gutting the government's case by ruling the new charges amounted to vindictive prosecution.

    The government said the new charges it filed against Rosenthal in October resulted from their re-evaluation of the case, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer of San Francisco noted, but "it is apparent that it decided to re-evaluate its strategy in response to Rosenthal's (and his supporters') public criticism of the trial.

    "In other words, the government's deeds — and words — create the perception that it added the new charges to make Rosenthal look like a common criminal and thus dissipate the criticism heaped on the government after the first trial," Breyer wrote.

    Case law states there is a presumption of vindictiveness when the government increases the charges' severity after the defendant's successful appeal — exactly what happened here, Breyer wrote. "As the government concedes, this is the rare case in which the presumption applies. And it is a case in which the government has failed to satisfy its burden of rebutting the presumption."

    Rosenthal, 62, offered thanks Wednesday not only to Breyer, but also to Assistant U.S. Attorney George Bevan "for being so honest about his vindictive state of mind, both in court and in the motions. He was probably unaware of it. He was so caught up in his hate of marijuana and medical marijuana patients that he didn't realize how vindictive he was being."

    Breyer didn't dismiss marijuana cultivation and distribution charges against Rosenthal, but prosecutors already have said they won't seek more than the one-day, time-already-served jail sentence that Rosenthal received the first time he was convicted of those crimes.

    Rosenthal's legal team issued a statement Wednesday calling for no further waste of federal tax dollars on what's left of the case. Americans for Safe Access counsel Joe Elford, who argued the vindictive-prosecution motion on Rosenthal's behalf, said Wednesday such motions are rarely filed and even more rarely granted.

    "The question is, do they drop it now or do they drop it later?" an ebullient Elford said. "They may well appeal this decision, and when they lose that, that might be the time for them to drop this."
    The U.S. Attorney's Office is reviewing its options, spokesman Luke Macaulay said Wednesday.

    Famed for his marijuana cultivation books and the "Ask Ed" column he wrote for High Times magazine, Rosenthal was convicted of three marijuana-growing felonies in 2003, more than a year after federal agents raided sites including his Oakland home, an Oakland warehouse in which he was growing marijuana and a San Francisco medical marijuana club he supplied.

    Medical use of marijuana on a doctor's recommendation is legal under state law but prohibited by federal law, so Rosenthal was barred from mounting a medical defense at trial. A judge sentenced him to one day behind bars — time he'd already served.

    The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned his convictions in April, finding that juror misconduct — a juror's conversation with an attorney-friend during deliberations — compromised Rosenthal's right to a fair verdict and so warranted a new trial.

    But the court also rejected Rosenthal's claim of immunity from prosecution as an officer of Oakland who grew the drug under the city's medical marijuana ordinance.

    Federal prosecutors filed a new indictment with additional charges in October, essentially claiming Rosenthal, from October 2001 through February 2002, conspired with Kenneth Hayes and Richard Watts to grow marijuana at sites on Sixth Street in San Francisco and on Mandela Parkway in Oakland, laundered marijuana proceeds by buying four money orders totaling $1,854 during that time and falsified tax returns for 1999, 2000 and 2001 by omitting income from his marijuana distribution.

    Hayes and Watts face similar, related charges. Both were charged after the same 2002 raids that nabbed Rosenthal, but injuries suffered in a car accident have kept Watts from trial until now and Hayes fled to Canada just before he was indicted.

    Rosenthal had Tommy Chong headline a $125-per-head event to raise money for Rosenthal's legal fund last month. Chong is of the Cheech and Chong comedy duo renowned for stoner movie classics such as "Up in Smoke" and "Nice Dreams," and he was prosecuted a few years ago on federal drug paraphernalia charges.
    "It went exceptionally well, about 200 people were here and Tommy stayed the whole time. ... The police only came once," Rosenthal said Wednesday, noting that Oakland police merely asked partygoers to stay inside Rosenthal's house.
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    The feds do what they want.
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    yeah fuck them feds....

    I see..... thats worrying for americans that the feds can come in whenever they want and over rule the state!That sure aint what the founding fathers had in mind i'll tell y'all that for nothing?!They wanted to LIMIT central governments powers but as soon as they gave away the power to mint their own cash to the federal reserve then it was all over....central goverment?AMERICAS THEE BIGGEST CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD!The words.... 'unconstitutional' comes to mind.Peace:smokin:
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    Not entirely true...some wanted strong central, some not, some of them even wanted a Monarchy like Britain’s…They were afraid the people were too stupid to govern themselves (I almost agree)...that’s why they came up with the balance of powers between the state and federal....But...when you got over 10 states with medical marijuana laws, and many more who have decriminalized...you'd think they would figure out they've lost already.
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    All 'bout big money...

    The big money asswipes in DC are runnin' scared! They're startin' to lose control!!! :punk: Tryin' ta fuck Rosenthal over to try to make us all pussy down... Just like they leaned on the Canadian gov to fuck with Emery & OG.

    Hopefully more states will join the movement! If enough get it together... :fingermad: the feds!!!
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    Its happening faster than I ever thought...NORML is lobbying in washington and has legislation up in 13 states.
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    Long Post Ahead..PLZ READ!USA is now a FASCIST REPUBLIC...

    Yeah LL i know what you say is true as i am fascinated with the origins of america and the origins of the union,etc... i read a LOT of shit on these subjects so i know you speak the truth,i guess what i should have stated was that the MAJORITY wanted to limit the powers of government AGAINST the ppl.Better?:wink:

    When i say the founding fathers would be turning in their graves its mainly to do with my hatred for the P.A.T.R.I.O.T ACT and the UK'S equivalent called The Terrorism Act(see at least our government acknowledges this new bill is all bout terrorising the UK ppl:) )....

    ...Just for the record BTW,i was reading through an old politics thread last night and noted how a member defined the word PATRIOT and true enough this 'patriot' act aint got nothing to do with american patriosm,its just a plain old double speak anocryam,in fact the words PATRIOT in the "USA-PATRIOT ACT" actually stands for "Uniting and Strengthening America Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism ACT of 2001" and its about as un-american and unpatriotic as 'mein kampf' says Micheal Moores book 'dude wheres my country' and i tend to agree.

    Even the so called saviors of the nation(not by me)..the democrats voted FOR this just as they voted for both afghan and iraq wars,so lets not kid ourselves here..the act was passed with a 98-1 majority in the Senate with only Feingold opposing it.

    Now they are using this act against the ppl instead of to PROTECT them,same here in the UK,our cops are jumping on trains shooting innocent guys in the head 9 times(he was a brazilian student) in front of a horrified commuting public and it turns out...oops they say we got the wrong guy!HTF can they mistakenly blast a guys head of by mistake,did he know summit?We'll never know now,then they bust into a muslim house in London and shoot the first person who they seen in the house,again all parties were innocent ,except the police:5masked:

    When the patriot act came into play the 4th amendment went straight out the window forever...this is the kind of thing i mean LL about how the founding fathers would be spinning in their graves ya know?The american bush admin keep saying well go read the patriot act....are they having a fuckin laugh???

    OK then GK-ers lets look up the PATRIOT ACT and see what their new powers to search and enter ppls property are shall we?Ok so here is the part we wanna know about seeing we all MJ cultivators and legalisation campaigners.I swear if any of ya can tell me EXACTLY what this means without having to cross reference any other documents,acts,etc then they will win a :potleaf:pRIZE from ME personally:wink:


    (a)IN GENERAL-Chapter 121 of title 18,United States Code,is amended-

    (1) in section 2703,by striking 'under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures' every place it appears and inserting 'using the procedures described by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure by a court with jurisdiction over the offense under investigation' ; and

    (2) in section 2711-

    (A) in paragraph (1),by striking 'and' ;

    (B) in paragraph (2),by striking the period and inserting';and';and

    © by inserting at the end the follo0wing:

    (3) the term 'court' of competent jurisdiction' has the meaning assigned by section 3127, and includes any Federal court within that definition, without geographic limitation.'

    (b) CONFORMING AMENDMENT-Section 2703(d) of title 18,United States Code, is amended by striking 'described in section 3127(2)(A).'

    I swear that is thee exact copy of SEC.220 iv just typed,now do we all understand all that?C'mon what part didnt you undertsand:qbluewacko: Its plain old English aint it?BTW it only gets worse,iv tried reading about how long they can detain you for and for what reasons but that section is EVEN worse to decipher than SEC.220!:5masked: ...and the UK(terrorism act) version aint much clearer!

    Did y'all know that the house version was VERY differnt from the SENATE's version...so much so that after everybody had agreed on the wording and went home to bed...sneaky dubya and ashcroft along with the leader of the house at 3:45am in the morning basically deleted all the civil protections rights that the house had inserted the night B4 and when the house all turned up for work the next day they all signed for and passed the Bill that they THOUGHT they had worded not knowing that 'sneaky Bush' had stripped the bill of ALL its civil protections!!!!


    Basically what it means(SEC.220) is that the fascists can now 'trap and trace' ALL your 'private' emails(did y'all know this?),they now can inspect all your records from banking to friggin library records,even consumer purchases,so dont get caught buying too much perlite,etc ppl!:laughing5:It should just be called the big brother act,then we would all know where we stand!

    The WORST discovery i have made that concerns EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF GK AND AMERICA.... is that under the special 'sneak and peek' provision in the act,Agents from ANY Gov Agency can now just come into your home when you aint there and they can search through all your stuff and..wait for it...THE BASTARDS DONT EVEN NEED TO LET YOU KNOW THEY WERE EVEN THERE!!!!

    C'mon america WAKE THE FUCK UP....the friggin Gastapo could learn from these federal agencies man!Oh one more thing,under this section 220,the feds now no longer need 'probable cause' to search and arrest you in your OWN HOME any longer,they just black bag you cos you gotta dar goatee or your skins a slightly darker shade than theirs..FUCK..i dont even live in america and this drives me stir crazy,i gotta go for a joint b4 i blow a blood vessel for real.Peace:smokin:

    PS:BTW if any of y'al wanna try read the patriot act...dont bother!Not unless you got a stack of other gov documents in front of you,im lucky...micheal moore done the work for me:wink:

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