extra 12 hours of off time.

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by royaldoe, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. royaldoe

    royaldoe nug lover

    I was woundering if I could change my light cycle of my plants without doing any damage. I want to flip the hours that my light are on. If it does not harm them what is the best way to go abkout it. Just add twelve hours of dark or gradualy change it? I'm in 12/12 now.
  2. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    will not hurt anything, just decide when you are going to do it, and do it

    I'd say the extra light would be better than extra dark....but going off my own head there.
  3. Gratitude

    Gratitude Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    30 min of leeway...

    I've heard that you have about 30 min on either side of your normal schedule that you can play with (or screw up in).

    The important thing is that the dark period be min 12 hrs (or if you believe the above 11hrs 30min.) Longer than that won't harm the plants but will slow growth. When I say "harm the plants" I mean risking a reverting to veg or going hermie.

    What I would do is to gradually switch, an hour or so per day. Just make sure it's the dark that is extended not the light and you shouldn't have any trouble. I don't have any solid basis for this as opposed to all at once and based on what I have read I don't know of a reason not to do it all at once. It just sorta feels to me like a gradual shift would be a smoother transition for the plants. On a similar note I take a week to switch to 12/12 from 18/6.

    That's my .02

    Good Growing!
  4. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Since gratitude explained his method, and mine is almost opposite, let me doing a little knowledge background:

    The reason I think it would be better for the plant to have more light than dark (if you are going to switch all at once) is this: The light period only happens in the light, the dark period is going on in both the dark and light...The chemicals we want for flowering are photosensitive, hence the 12/12 cycle for flowering...however, at the start of flowering would you rather lose a few compounds but keep the growth going, or risk any problems of way too much dark and stunting growth (though I am sure that's not the case, just reasoning)....I am not sure if any of that made sense...

    Like I said, thought I would explain my position in contrast to Gratitudes...

    Where are the others opinions on this frequently asked question? Does it really matter? :smoke2:
  5. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    tHE correct answer is 12 hours extra dark cycle.

    since he is already at 12/12 a 24 hour extended light cycle will almost certainly trigger hermies

    Personally I err to the side of darkness in this scenario
  6. troy_mccular

    troy_mccular Begun Flowering


    I need to move my flowering girl to lights on at 10PM instead of 4:00AM. It's too hot during the day anymore.
  7. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Hee...I love it, so sure of your self AND evil.....
  8. Jake

    Jake A Fat Sticky Bud

    Agreed 100%. Remember we are trying to duplicate nature. From the plants point of view what would be more natural? A day that was very dark and cloudy (stormy, eclipse maybe?) where there was little to no sun, or a day where the sun never went down for 24 hours? Hell that would freak me out. If you interupt the cycle always go with darkness.
  9. crazyhorse

    crazyhorse New Sprout

    Muy Bein Campesino! Los otro's no sabien como usted. Professional senor. I agree with the change should be in the dark.
  10. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    si, es obvio, floreciando se depende en las 12 horas de oscuridad...no las 12 iluminadas. entonces dando las dos ciglos de oscuridad no se va a confundir sus relojes biologicos
  11. crazyhorse

    crazyhorse New Sprout

    Yo soy Chiricahua Apache, no sabe muncho espanol, pero I mi voy, muy bueno's tarde, senor, camabeja to nombre por un rato, el maestro. lol

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