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  1. Green Goblin

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    ok i think this would do well in a box design forum maybe? or equipment setup?

    anywho :pimp: this is a gas manometer:


    it measures pressure or vacuum in inches of water guage, or "wg. inches of water is a very small unit of measure. to give you an idea 7"wg is equal to 1/4 of a pound per square inch guage, or psig. thats from zero to the lil line between the 6 and the 8 ;).

    now this manometer reads from 0-1"wg. very small pressures. i can read the changes in atmospheric presure on this from day to day or morning to evening even...pretty damn cool.
    its so far off cause it was laying flat, to get accurate pressure readings from any guage it must be held vertical, unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer...or if ur reading psi, then who gives a ****, buit here we're working with nanobearings in comparison, so...


    now we zero the needle:


    now there is a low and and a high connection on here. not needed for a guage with a positive and negative side, however as in the previous pic of the 0-10" guage, hooking the wrong hose up could slam the needle backward and bend the parts inside the guage.


    the hoses must be hooked up as close to the fan as possible...every foot of ducting changes the pressure, whether its smooth or not. and due to my current state of mind i forgot to rotate this.

    deal with it.


    and if i had rotated that to the correct orientation, the guage below would have read positive.



    so now we know that the airflow restrictions in my box are causing .8"wg of pressure in my duct system. this includes the pipe, fittings, bulb, socket, the turn around the outer and inner tubes, my fart, oops...

    for those of you not familiar this is my cool tube:


    anywho back on subject...

    now open this link and make the window small so u can see it and this text easily.

    my fan most resembles the FR-110

    so that first graph relates to the graphic representations of the fan below it.  on the top we see that dimensions A1 and A2 determine duct sizes we can not use duct smaller than this measurement, if you wanna use smaller duct buy a smaller fan. it wont move the same amount of air, listen or not, dont do it.

    as we see here i would've been better off buying the fantech fan i could've used 5" duct...shizzle...anywho so we know we should use 5" if possible(less static pressure) but we can also use 4" if materials arent available. the other measurements are there to make sure u dont buy a fan that doesnt fit in ur box...

    in the air performance charts below all that we see the FR-110 is the queer purple line on the upper graph. we see also that at .8"wg my fan only moves 80-90 cfm. that means that setup only moves 90 cfm of air...period, no ifs ands or butts about it.

    so some diots might say...

    "wow if i put 2 cool tubes on the fan, that will double the amount of air available, wich means i could move twice as much air!"

    wrong :dunce:

    if you put 2 tubes on the same fan you would only be changing half of the system, so more than likely static pressure would drop but not dramatically. aside from that, say it did cut static pressure in half, for retarded conversation sake...

    at .4"wg on the graph we move roughly now we have 65 cfm through each tube...

    gonna work? maybe...

    gonna work as well?

    FUGG NO!


    anywho, Happy Growin' Peeps :pimp:

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  2. Randy High

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    Kick Ass!

    I will be rereading that post...

    Good Job!
  3. Eddie Cheba

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    cool the end you had me laughing.  Good ending and informative.
  4. Lamont Pontoon

    Lamont Pontoon Full Flowering

    Too cool, now if you can only get the plants to chew gum when compensating for the pressure difference.

    But it also brings up an interesting experiment, will plants in a vacuum grow bigger if unfettered by atmospheric pressure?
  5. llIndigoll

    llIndigoll Medical Grower

    **Space explorers want to know!!!***
  6. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

  7. Lamont Pontoon

    Lamont Pontoon Full Flowering

    :LOL: @ ass-k

    Also funny they experimented on "Lectuca Sativa"
  8. kindkid

    kindkid Developed Alternating Nodes

    Awesome post GG.

    Will you explain to me your diagram of your cool tube? Maybe I'm lookin at it funny(or retarded like) but what is your socket attatched too? So its just a tube inside a tube right? Is there a hole at the elbow piece where the smaller tube exits?

    Do ya get what I'm askin or am I not making sense?
  9. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    makes sense kid...

    yes theres a hole cut in the back side of the 90, and sealed so that all air is coming from the top and ggoing out the back.

    the socket is mounted to some plumbers strap and hose clamped to the inner tube.

    Happy Growin' :pimp:
  10. kindkid

    kindkid Developed Alternating Nodes

    Thats what I thought from your diagram but the cool tube pictured in your seedling sprouter post has the socket on the other side then the elbow.

    Did you decide to use a different design for your tube in that post than the one diagramed in this post? If not would you tell me how the one in your pictures works? Is there a gap between the inner tube and the socket(on the right side of the tube in the pictures of it mounted) to allow air to rush through and out the elbow piece?
  11. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    yes, the air has to go arround the socket...thats how it gets out where the "to fan" label is. the tube is roughly 4 1/4" Inside diameter(ID), and the socket is roughly 1-1/2" in diameter.

    the tube in my small box remains the same as the pictures. Im not "totaly happy with that one...heres why:


    in order to change the bulb the whole assembly comes off the inner tube connection on the right side of the light. being that theres no room to get a nut driver in there i couldn't hose clamp it, which was the rather than take up more space i put the socket on the back so all i have to do is remove the end cap and replace the bulb.

    functionality :bigok:

    Happy Growin' :pimp:
  12. Green Goblin

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    I think this sis a good candidate for the new diy forum or perhaps the faq...

    Feeling nostalgic :pimp:
  13. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    I'm tarded...does it make any difference this isn't in the DIY forum...

    CRIPES :Knock it off!:

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