Feb 2011 Pot Trivia

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by ResinRubber, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Been a little lax in keeping up with the trivia but here goes another round.

    Rules are the same. First correct answer (the one that jibes with my info) will receive a free rep hit from me. Use..sorry bro, I know you got this one dialed so I'm singling you out as not able to play. Just a result of having an enormous skull packed with Canna-Knowledge. If you want to post up a follow up I'll rep whoever gets the first correct answer to your question too.

    Here goes: Strain based.

    What is the recognized genetic lineage of "Original Sour Diesel"?

    good luck
  2. hydromorphone

    hydromorphone Excommunicated

    Chemdawg X (MassSuperSkunk X SensiNL)
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  3. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    lets try this 91 chemdawg x mass super skunk/nl x dnl

  4. Bigbud214

    Bigbud214 Ganja Guru Extreme

    a 60x30 cross of a mexican sativa x chemdawg
  5. stickyicky24

    stickyicky24 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Ya that.........done by weasel
  6. stickyicky24

    stickyicky24 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Tricky tho.....do you mean sour diesel or original diesel (aka underdawg or headband) because I never really here "original sour diesel". If you meant sour diesel it was original diesel that was accidentally hit by DNL when it hermed the room.
  7. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Me and ya ma!
  8. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    What, ya been slummin lately Skuzz?

    Hydro hit it.

    Useless has this as the lineage (SensiNLxMassSuperChunk)x(DawgxChemo). Seedfinder has this: Chemdawg x {MassSuperSkunk x SensiNL}.

    Rep to ya Hydro.
  9. hydromorphone

    hydromorphone Excommunicated

    Yay the new guy takes the win!
  10. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    That must be an old ass post from me. :roffl: :roffl:

    Original Diesel - Chem 91 x (Mass Super Skunk x Sensi NL)

    ECSD - Original Diesel x DNL


    I tossed the ECSD clone a long time ago, but the OD clone is my baby, she will always be in my garden and is one of the few clones I keep tightly.

    As long as we are on the elite clone strains, here's my question for you folks-

    What is the purported lineage of Bubba Kush? (Even though I don't believe a word of it...)
  11. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    It was a little dusty in the archives. Thought it would be fun if somebody popped it by digging in GK history. Besides, in questions of strain lineage your the go to guy yanno.

    Story time.....:popcorn-2:

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