feminized seeds?

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by CasualSmokerGuy, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. CasualSmokerGuy

    CasualSmokerGuy Veggy Stage

    are they BS or is there such a thing?
  2. rollin2techno

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    Total BS. :nanner-2:
  3. shaitand

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    lol there is definitely such a thing. They are made two ways, both of which involve making a female plant produce a male flower, with the applications of hormone/chemicals that make the plant produce the male flower and with different types of stress.

    The problem with using stress is that you are genetically selecting plants that go hermie under stress.

    The chemical techniques will work on your most stable girls if done properly and should yield all female seed, all the time.

    I wrote an article you can search for on producing colloidal silver for this purpose.
  4. AlienBait

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    I bought some Fem seeds and they all, in fact, turned out to be females. :thumbs-up:
  5. SecretGrower420

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    Not BS at all. The only problem with them is the slight chance of hermie (hasn't happened to me yet), due to stressing the original mother to go hermie. I think Sannie at sanniesshop.com has found a new not-so-stressful to do it but I don't think he's willing to share.

    I've seen somebody's hermie once but it was in week 7 or 8 so it didn't even affect the buds.
  6. mr.anonymous

    mr.anonymous What to grow next is hard

    Out of 15 fem seeds got 1 herm. Next 15 no hermy I personally will never go back to plain beans,to me its worth the extra money to save time and aggravation on males.
  7. rollin2techno

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  8. rollin2techno

    rollin2techno cL053t Gr0w3r

    Some douche gave me neg rep for saying BS. :roffl: :roffl: :roffl:
  9. Toker2

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    I leaning your way myself.
  10. shore_island

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    Going Back to regular beans is like connect to the internet with a 56k modem.

    I just have to say God Bless To the Man that discovered they way to Produce female Seeds LOL :passsit:
  11. MrAstro

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    Sorry. Can't POS rep you yet. Not allowed!

  12. OneHitterInOz

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    How do you know it was from a douche? Well it shouldn't be to hard to figure out, I think there's only a handful of peeps that are on team douche.

  13. rollin2techno

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    Oh I don't mean douche as in TEAM DOUCHE!....Forgot we even have a Team Douche here. WTF is Team Douche anyways?

    So I'll just call said repper dbag instead.:roffl:

    Thx MrA.:thumbs-up:
  14. OneHitterInOz

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    lol...I was jokeing:thumbs-up:
  15. shaitand

    shaitand The Dark One

    If you want to make fem seeds you can check my experiment here, if you look in my methods I explain how to make the generator I used.

    Works great. I am growing fem seed I made right now.

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