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Discussion in 'Outdoor Cultivation' started by xxStrifexx, Oct 9, 2011.

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    So I had plants going indoors earlier this summer to put outdoors when the weather was right. Well now comes the time summer is ending and .. it doesn't seem the plants have even done much flowering at their potential. We have had a few rainy, and cold days (i say few i mean like 2 weeks worth of bullshit :BangHead:)

    Im gonna post some pics and if its possible to judge how much longer they're going to have? I may need to take better pictures.. I took them in a hurry last time I was out there. I also have a plant that is.. dying for some unknown reason, if I could get some assistance in that, it would be much appreciated.

    P.S. I have had some problems.. it is outdoors, and a semi-guerrilla grow; can't control EVERYTHING. Letting nature take its course for the most part unless I can help.
  2. HeadCase

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    Same as indoor check your trichome's for when to harvest.-Bud
  3. xxStrifexx

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    Plants 1&2.. #1(bottom,short) seems to have been eaten by some type of animal, Just let it live since its not hurting anything.


    Plants3&4 Basking in the wonderful sunshine :D


    These next pics are a about 2weeksish after first were taken (Also after all the rain and shitty cold weather..)

    Plant#5 (yes I know she wasn't shown before, never took a pic of her)

    I'm not exactly sure why it has purple leaf? Some of the other leaves are showing purple also on her.. Might be due to cold or strain dependent.



    Plants 1&2 Again.. This time plant 2 is dying... My thoughts are cold temps, over water/under watering (it couldn't be under watering due to how much rain we've had.. and that the plant a foot from it is doing just fine (minus its missing its top half) Or somehow the roots are contaminated.. The ground is a LITTLE clay-like, which could cause problems. I stabbed several holes all in the dirt around the plant in case it was having problems getting oxygen to the roots somehow. Any attempt on saving the plant was better than just letting it die. I'll get to check on them within the next day or two.


    Plant 3 Is growing Purple buds now! :D (I grew these plants in batches of 3 scattered in areas, pulled males when flowering started)



    Plants 3&4 Again(blurry =/)



    And yes I know the plants aren't that big, I did that all on purpose. In hopes of keeping them concealed and in hopes of a quicker flowering since my locations weather is... terrible. We've had snow the 2nd day of fall before.

    Thanks for viewing and I hope to hear some good input/advice/telling me whats wrong with my plant(s) xP
  4. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    Oh I forgot to say, Plant #2, could that happen due to being urinated on by.. say a deer? There are deers around..hell in all honesty most of the girls are planted somewhat close to deer beds themselves and that's the only animal I can think that would harm it... groundhogs/moles/other rodents would just dig massive holes and screw the soil / roots up.
  5. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    Headcase- thanks for posting! I have a 60x-100x scope, i can see trichomes and the colors but ... i guess never QUITE enough to clarify?

    People say certain %'s cloudy/amber.. But I've looked at buds and seen all parts amber and then looked elsewhere on a bud and seen cloudy/clear still...(not my buds.. just in general)

    So how can you be so sure when ALL parts of the bud are done without fully examining.. basically every part of the plant?

    Btw I forgot to mention, these were put out at.. roughly July15-25th and flowering (12/12 light in my region) didn't start outside til... Sept 20th, 13/11 was around end of august (I figured 13-11 would start triggering flowering)
  6. CanadianDAN

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    Judging by what i can see in those photos, they werent getting direct sunlight for long enough during the day. Am i correct?

    They just dont look like they had enough energy to produce buds after building up those strong stems. I know the one i had going outside this year was in direct sunlight for 4 hours a day and it still didnt produce what id hoped for either. Although i did pocket an ounce or two from it.
  7. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    They definately aren't getting a full days worth of sun I can tell you that much, Plant 1, 2, and 5 all get one direction of light and their back is all wooded area. and the 3 and 4 are literally in the middle of the woods, where theres an opening in the trees and a bunch of bushes and other plant life was alive in the middle of some dead woods. (So technically Plant 3&4 got less light than 1 2 & 5 because it would need to have the sun ABOVE the woods and not at any certain angle.. yet they're doing the best.

    And in all honesty, 1,2 and 5 I dug bigger holes, and filled them back in to have broken up dirt that wasn't all compacted, compared to 3&4 which I just literally dug a small little whole the size of one of my solo cups, pulled the dirt out and put the plants rootmass in there and covered it back up.

    Doesn't make sense that the plants which are in technically a "worse" area, getting less sunlight, and less preparation for planting compared to the others.
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  8. CanadianDAN

    CanadianDAN Summer Greenthumb

    hmmmm strange.

    All i can say as a tip for your next try outdoor, is that direct sunlight, especially in the morning, seems to be best from what ive seen.

    My two points i made sure to have for my grows were LOTS of direct sunlight and lots of space for roots. I would dig a foot down and fill the holes with nice fluffy topsoil.
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  9. teachmethewayyy

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    nice little outdoors op bud. free smoke it free smoke. 3 and 4 are lookin nice from what i see and the one is getting some nice colors. it definitely seems they are not getting enough light, but still good looking plants no matter what. good job, i bet you will get something that smokes nice.....
  10. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    I was going for the moreso free stuff and just the fact of doing it. Also this stuff has been grown for several years by my friends father but always been seeded, and using those on the next grow. Its really just some random bag seed but it stuck out more than most bagseeds, you couldn't even thumb a bowl to pack it tighter without pulling the whole bowlpack back out on your thumb! the smell was always lemony/sour and basically was always kinebud quality even though it had been decently heavy seeded.

    The location was all I had to go with, I plan on using the same area next year that 3&4 are in, seems to be a key location. It doesn't get the most sunlight, but all other conditions seem to be spot on. Ill take more security and less buds over less security and mad bud anyday. Can't enjoy multiple lbs if your in jail!

    I think next year I want to go out early and dig up all the stuff and clear out the area and put some good soil down and plant some random bushes and other plants to get them started and going then as summer comes closer put some clones out and hope the shrubs and others provide as good of cover as the natural life around it now does.

    You literally have to be standing overtop the girls to even know they're there.

    Any ideas on what may be happening to plant 2? I mean could it have flowered quickly and be finishing already? I'm still unsure about it, and ill be going out later to check on it. Let's hope for the best and hope to God she perked, if not ill be pulling her in a weeks time (if she's not going necrotic already)

    Sorry I'm high and rambling. Took a huge rip of some blueberry.

    Thanks for the input all, its much appreciated and ill post some more pics as they come along moreso.
  11. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    So I just checked it out.n its not any better. If anything its worse. But the more I look at it the more I think its just finished flowering also. I didn't bring a scope to check it out unfortunately. Either way its dead or dying or finished. Gettin the yank.
  12. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    She's chopped... I don't know exactly how or why it happened but the roots were not taking water up to the stem, the stem was real hard but kind of fragile.. I could feel there were absolutely no juices left in any of the stem (it also started to brown a bit). Unfortunately prob won't even yield a quarter from this one. @_@

    Hope the other girls fill out more.
  13. CanadianDAN

    CanadianDAN Summer Greenthumb

    Bummer... oh well at least you know the things to research up on during the winter months.
  14. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    So i suppose the plant actually was just.. dead or something and sitting there standing still, some of the bud was mostly dry this morning, had to smoke a sample.. within a hit could feel a small buzz coming in, the high seeping in from behind the eyes.
  15. jablonski

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    I too had a major problem this year with cold and record rainfall. The last 7 days have been perfect for Oct. This is the worst year I have had in 25 years of outdoor grows. I lost a few plants that I think were drowned out by standing water.
  16. Ognennyy

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    Few Suggestions

    It sounds like you're running into a little bit of many issues here and there. I'll address what I can.

    I'm not sure what climate you're growing in, but pretty much anywhere in the US (besides Hawaii) will experience large temperature differences between day and night time temperatures. I have heard in the MJ community, but unfortunately can offer no scientific evidence, that as the difference in day and night time temperatures increases, so too possibly will the presence of a purpling of leaves.

    Something which is well known, and which there is hard scientific evidence, is the presence of a pigmenting agent known as Anthocyanin, which occurs in the tissues of nearly all living plants http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthocyanin As the days become shorter and your plants begin to shift around their nitrogen concentrations (for whatever reason; autumn leaves dropping, perennials preparing for winter, annuals flowering - such as is our case with MJ), Anthocyanin concentrations increase.

    This pigment may appear anywhere from red to purple. How red or purple is dependent most likely on the genetics of your plant, and also relative levels of Xanthophyls and Carotenoids (the other photosynthesizing pigements which are yellow, orange, and red, and are typically masked by dominant levels of chlorophyls A and B).

    In short, the purple leaf is not indicative of a problem.

    As far as getting a larger yield and healthier plant....

    July is very late in the game for getting plants out, if you hope to have any respectable mass on them. If I were you, I would get them out much earlier next season. Google the farmer's almanac, or a frost chart. Find when the last frost typically occurs in your region in spring. Get your plants out on that date, or shortly thereafter. Depending on how established your plants are (how long you've had them growing) before putting them outside, they can usually withstand a frost or two at the start of the season. I usually err on the side of caution, personally, because I simply see no reason to put them out when frost may still be iminent.

    Maximize your exposure to sunlight. If there are structures near your planting site, or larger plants - anything that is going to create shade - you want to make sure that they are located to the NORTH of your plants. In the northern hemisphere, the sun throws shadows to the north of obstructions, because the equator is south. So take a compass with you, find south, and make sure that the area directly in front of your plants to the south, is unobstructed. Bring a hacksaw and machette, clear any other vegetation.

    I realize doing so may make you feel like your plants are exposed. Later on other plants will grow up around yours, but you wanna keep the immediate area trimmed. Use the plants that you cut down to mulch the dug out area around your plants. A mulch helps feed your plants, reduce transpiration of water, and also disguises the conspicuous dirt spot left by digging your planting hole.

    If you're going for more of the fire and forget type of gorilla grow (you don't want to lug good organic soil, or bails of ProMix in with you), prep your planting sites now. Get ahold of some natural, organic ingredients (alfalfa meal, feather meal, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, kelp meal, whatever), measure a total volume of 2 cups of whatever combination of ingredient you like, put them in little ziplock bags or plastic kitchenware, something that will be easy to carry. Add to each ziplock bag 1 cup of dolomite lime. Take those nutrients, along with some perlite, to your planting sites. Dig holes slightly larger than a 5-gallon bucket's volume, and as you replace the soil, add the nutrients and some perlite. I've personally found that an easy way to find your holes in the spring, is to put some of the rocks you dig out of the hole on the top. If you're worried about other human traffic in the area then you probably shouldn't be planting there in the first place, but if you insist, then you may wish to forego the rocks.

    By next May those organic ammendments will have composted, and you should have good, loose, airy, fertile soil to plant in.
  17. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    Any .. advanced advice on how to tell when the plants done? I have a 60x-100x scope and I can see the trichomes but people always say you know like 60% amber 40% cloudy or whatever way you chose to harvest at. But my question is how can you tell when you're only looking at a SMALL part of the plant? One part (even if you check multiple parts) You're still not really checking the WHOLE plant.

    Is it more of a judgment kinda deal after you notice the the trichomes are the wanted color ratio?

    I just don't want to harvest them too early If I have the choice, but the weather definitely is not getting any better...
  18. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Check the top nugs of the plants, that all you really need to go by.

    ambers come along after cloudy and sometimes it can take a few weeks for it to happen.



    is the basic rule of thumb

    mostly cloudy is ok to chop but try and wait until you see about 10-20% amber for a great stone... once again this is depend on strain... but is a good rule of thumb
  19. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    just a few update on some pictures...

    Plant 5 10/11


    Plant 5 10/18


    Plant 3 10/18


    Plant 3 10/18


    Plant 3 10/18


    Plant 4 10/18

  20. xxStrifexx

    xxStrifexx Developed Alternating Nodes

    The season is ending.. frost is going to be heading our way soon.

    How accurate is the farmers almanac / regular almanac ?

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