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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by craptor10, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. craptor10

    craptor10 Germinated

    can anyone tell me a good flower fert available? i bought miracle grow 10-52-10 but i hear its no good for mj. i just started flowering and havent switched over yet.
  2. greenthumb420

    greenthumb420 Hash Engineer

    MG bloom booster is good stuff but very strong. You'll want to give them a half strength dose the first ferting then every 2 weeks a full strength dose.

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  3. greenthumb420

    greenthumb420 Hash Engineer

    Almost forgot, you will deffinantly have to flush at the end of flowering with MG or the buds will be harsh and almost non smokeable. By flushing i mean regular water no nutes every watering for the last 2 weeks. You may notice the large fan leaves during this period will yellow and fall off but that is completely normal.
  4. growinfireman

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    Yeah, if you go MG, for Gods sake, flush the piss outta' that tree before you chop it down!!! some will bitch about MG. I don't use it, but some do.

    I use, and its expensive, BCuzZ bloom stimulator. I like it. I also use General Hydroponics 3 part solution. Not saying its the "best" don't know. I tried a few other nutes, and when I got to GH, I stopped.

    Won't bet you, my left nut as to whats the best. Go light with ferts, and you'll get a knack for it. Try several over the next months. Like a hobby?
  5. nulfire

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    MG Bloom Booster works...But these guys are right: You Must Flush! I neglected it in my last grow, and the smoke is a little harsh. But, come on, it's much better than the street weed here.

    I am doing organics this time. We'll see how it works out. BTW, I'm using Metanaturals.
  6. old fart

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