Flowering with led in high humidity?

Discussion in 'LED Growing' started by Justcheckingitout, Jul 16, 2019.

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    Before flowering in cooler temps, i had no ac and every 2-3 days I had to water. Now I got the ac and plants are in flower I have watered a few times in 3 weeks. Plants look great and are budding but soil is staying moist and I am guessing the plants are not drying out as much because its not dry as before the ac or high humidity with the higher temps outside the grow spot.

    Main question....is this ok for the plants? I am mainly worried about root rot or getting bud rot in late flower.

    #2. Does it sound like I am going to need a dehumidifier? I can only see having to put in a drain line if so.

    I am hoping by the end of flower it might be cool enought to finish my room with proper intake/exaust with either the window unit or something else. The heat cane eairly this year, in may temps were tipping 100.
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    They call that there stuff "VPD" now. Flowering with higher humidity, that a few years back, no-one would have considered acceptable. I'm actually trying flower with the lung-room dehumidifier set to 50%. This is good for about 42% under the light. I do get spikes up to 56% with the light out. I'm not sure that it's a good thing, but the plants do seem a bit happier. Haven't seen any mold, but the buds are still too young and fluffy for that.

    I still wonder about the whole VPD thing. Is it something that the LED users have jumped on as a by-product of compensating for the lack of infrared from the diodes? The heat in the garden needs to be increased to get them to work. So the air going through the grow gets restricted to let the garden heat up. This reduced air flow also causes the humidity to go up too. Lookee there, now it works sorta right. If we just ignore all that stuff we learned about low humidity in flower... Oh, wait, don't forget the sulfur spray.

    I've never had mold in my cabinet. We'll hope that continues. We shall see.

    JCIO, it sounds like you don't have a way to measure humidity. If not, check out SensorPush on Amazon. 50 bucks for a sensor that will log temp and humidity and display them graphically on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device up to about 50 feet away. More range costs another 100 bucks. That gets you a little module that takes the Bluetooth data of many sensors and puts it on the internet. I have three sensors and a module; they work well. They all match the readings out of my Amprobe temp/ humidity data logger, but are way more convenient.
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    I need to check the humidity level. The plants look good. Tomorrow i will post some pics on my grow log. I need to get a controller for the ac.
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    I also think I should go with dwc like my orignal plan and the water would stay at a good temp with that ac in there. Is only 5amps but it sure works good. but might try hempy next round to check how that works in the spot also
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