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    JUNOSMOKES Germinated

    im just looking for great tips that will increase my weed to great weed with out having to spend much money. so if any body could help????im listening ..oh yea plus its my first time doing this and i have 7 plants that are about 2 weeks old and 2 that are about 3 days old
  2. Guerilla Family

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    Like I said in your last thread :FAQ:

  3. AlienBait

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    Some tips.....Guerilla Family already gave you the best one.

    But here are some more:

    Make sure you have enough light.

    Use good soil, or if you are growing hydro, then make sure the nutrient solution has enough oxygen in it.

    Use good nutrients and the right amount: Don't over or under fertilize.

    Make sure your PH is right.

    Make sure your grow area gets good air exchange.

    Don't over water and don't under water.
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  4. BbMinorFunk

    BbMinorFunk NOT a pro

    There is no one easy answer to give you. Like everyone has said read the faq, need more info, and if possible pictures help. The best thing you can give a plant in my opinion is patience. Do some reading and if you still have questions ask them. Once you have done the reading it will be much easier for you to communicate what you want to know and you will probably answer most of your questions. Good luck and may the force guide you.
  5. DaBurner420

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    When I began to grow I had all the questions in the world, so I read, and read, and read like I had a college final exam coming up and didnt know squat yet.

    ...6 yrs later i'm still reading, most of my answers where found when reading.

    There are a billion answers to your question. Read & Learn so you can come back with a more detailed, taylored to your needs question.
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  6. Mr Douglas

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    Welcome to GK, JUNO.....:wave:

    I really can't add much more than what's already been said.

    We've alot of friendly, knowledgeable people here.:smokin:

    READ READ READ, and you'll be growing fine bud in no time!
  7. Hawaii 50

    Hawaii 50 Veggy Stage

    aloha bro.its a good place to just sit back, put your feet up and have fun.

    when life throughs you a curve,just gk it. welcome.

    JUNOSMOKES Germinated

    4 sho:smokin: ill have flicks up soon. good lookin out guys .

    mybad:icon_confused: lol
  9. Guerilla Family

    Guerilla Family Serious Guerilla Farmer

    Please give some expanation of your grow room, or outdoor grow. whatever your working with. Put some pics up and I will be glad to give u some tips.

    At this point I have no way of knowing what u got going.


    JUNOSMOKES Germinated

    im barly making the growing room. and i have no lights yet

    i just keep them out it the sun from morning to like 5
  11. BbMinorFunk

    BbMinorFunk NOT a pro

    I would think you need more light, especially since on your other thread you said they were stretching and stuff. Means they are reachin up towards that light because its not enough usually. You can get some compact fl lights and they work well for veg. They also sell a wide range of HPS lights out there. Like my tag says im not a pro but i do have a few harvest under my belt. Just read the faq soak up the info and it will only get easier. You def need to have a setup and lights though. Either that or just do an outdoor grow until you can get your supplies in order. But most important read like a mofo. I know everyone has told you this and your probably like cool i get it but man that is important. Just as important as the lights or the nutes cuz without the info that shit is no good. Good luck

    JUNOSMOKES Germinated

    most defenitly ill get all the supplies .i used alot of different seeds they all look great i think but ill get flicks up by today i think.

    JUNOSMOKES Germinated

    can i use 60 watt equivalent bulb but only is 14 watt oh and its

    bright white and they put out 800 lumens per bulb???
  14. DaBurner420

    DaBurner420 This Line For Rent.

    Nothing is better than the sun for light. Make sure they are getting direct sunlight for at least 6 hours and keep the pot cool while it's getting it. :ebert:
  15. Kind Cola

    Kind Cola Loves White Rino

    Wellcome JUNOSMOKES,, Good Luck with your grow

    JUNOSMOKES Germinated

    thanks guys...shit it just kinda felt like my stuff wouldnt be any good 1 beacause you guys are pro's and im just a guy wit seeds from i dont no where lol
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    JUNOSMOKES Germinated

    hey guys where can i find a light reflecter thaqt fits a 400w hps.

    and mylar for some reason i dont no why i cant find it . any suggestions
  18. TheFomorian

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  19. NeonLights

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    Nothing personal but is that English??? J/K. Read the FAQ and have patience. The best advice I can give is not to get to excited at the end and let her finish. Especially with the cure. Give it at least two weeks in a jar. That is the difference between good tasting and great tasting.

    Good luck and READ...READ...READ everything you need at great prices.

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